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Emily Threlkeld

Who is Emily Threlkeld? What’s all the buzz about her? And what is there to know about her and her life? These are the questions we’re going to focus on today! Why? Because she’s quite impressive! 

Emily Threlkeld isn’t just your average person who began their fashion industry career like many others. Instead, she’s also a businesswoman and the wife of the former US Treasury, Harold Ford Jr. So, let’s dive into her biography, family, net worth, and career facts! 

Emily Threlkeld – A Brief Overview and Background

So, you understand who Emily Threlkeld is. A businesswoman, a wife, and a fashion industry expert! But that’s very vague. So, let’s cover a little more ground. If you’re wondering, “Who is and how old is Emily?”

That’s understandable. Born on the 2nd of January 1981, in everyone’s favourite, Naples, Florida, Emily is just over 40 years old. Her parents are Tom Threlkeld and Deborah Beard. She’s ethnically white and an American citizen. But not much is known about Emily’s siblings as she hasn’t disclosed any information on that topic. However, what really sets her apart are her qualifications! She displayed great interest and talent for fashion design and completed a degree from the University of Miami.

The Net Worth and Career of Emily Threlkeld 

Emily has always been a career-driven woman. She took to fashion designing during her early 20s. After that, she worked in a publicist position for fashion designer Nina Ricci. But she’s also worked under Mario Garuso and Carolina Herrera.

All such big names in the fashion space, you must be wondering! Her job required her to dress many popular celebrities. However, she didn’t stop there. With her gained experience, she established herself. But the world of fashion has been put on hold. 

Of course, she continues to work in fashion. However, Emily has focused more on supporting her husband since 2018. So, not only is she a working woman but an amazing wife too. 

While her job in the fashion industry surely pays well, Emily has not revealed the actual figures. Various sources have different values for her earnings. But one thing is certain: Emily Threlkeld lives a luxurious lifestyle! Her current net worth is $3.2 million when combined with her husband.

Speaking of her husband, let’s go over:

The Family and Husband of Emily Threlkeld 

Emily Threlkeld is married to Harold Ford Jr, her longtime boyfriend. They met in 2004 in New Orleans at a wedding ceremony. And after dating for a few years, they got married in Miami. Their wedding was held at Episcopal Church of Trinity Cathedral. The couple has been together for over a decade. And in 2012, they had George Walker Ford, their first child. Two years later, Emily and Harold had their second child Harold Eugene Ford.

Harold Ford Jr. 

Emily’s husband, Harold Ford Jr, is quite the man himself. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, on the 11th of May 1970. But his career is also just as impressive as his wife’s. He is a financial managing director, writer, author, and former congressional representative.

Harold worked on the Senate budget committee after completing a Bachelor’s degree in American history at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1997, he was offered the job role of a special assistant for the US Department of Commerce, which he accepted. Since then, he’s also furthered himself with a JD degree at the University of Michigan Law school. 

Facts about Emily Threlkeld

Here are some of the facts about Emily Threlkeld:

Personal Profile

  • Real Name: Emily Threlkeld
  • Date of Birth: the 2nd of January 1981
  • Age: 41 years
  • Place of Birth: Naples, Florida
  • Horoscope sign: Capricorn
  • Net Worth: $3.2 million
  • Height: Five foot four inches
  • Weight: 66 kgs 
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Marriage status: Married (Harold Ford Jr.)
  • Children: Georgie Walker Ford and Harold Eugene Ford III

Family Profile

  • Father Name: Tom Therkeld
  • Mother Name: Deborah Beard
  • Siblings Name: Not Known

Other facts about Emily Threlkeld include she is a blonde, while her eye colour is brown. 


That concludes our coverage of Emily Threlkeld. We hope you enjoyed reading about her bio, facts, career, and other details. But before we end, here’s a quick summary. 

Emily Threlkeld lives together with her husband without any controversies. Her married life, career, children, and more all appear quite stable. And she is continuing to happily enjoy working past her net worth of $3.2 million.

Hopefully, we’ll hear more from her as she stays ambitious and strives to extend the boundaries of her success. But if you’re interested in more exciting dives into the lives of celebrities there are many sources or need to read about academic writing topics, here’s a good place to start reading, and a good place to get essay writers in UK who will write your essays.

Happy Reading!

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