Disney Mirrorverse Classic Characters In A Warped Reality

Disney Mirrorverse Classic Characters

Gaming studio Kabam worked with Disney Interactive on the Disney Mirrorverse video game. The characters have been reimagined and a new storyline has been introduced. As a new enemy faction, the Fractured, heroes and villains from contemporary and older films are recast as members of the Fractured. Disney and Pixar characters join together to combat this new danger. There are more than 40 different Guardians to choose from in this free-to-play game, including Oogie Boogie, Buzz Lightyear, and Jack Sparrow. Further characters will be added to the roster after the game’s release.

An ensemble cast of heroes is tracked as they traverse well-known locales like the Scare Floor from Monsters, Inc. or The Snuggly Duckling pub and woods from Tangled. Immediately after Rapunzel finds that something strange is going on, Maleficent unleashes the Fractured to unleash an attack. At the end of each chapter, new Guardians, both heroes and villains, are brought in to aid combat the increasingly terrible opponents that have been presented. Disney and Pixar characters are now members of the Guardian roster, and the Fractured are depicting them in a malicious light as they wage war against them.

In Disney Mirrorverse, you may also take part in timed events, competitive dungeon challenges, supply runs, a 1v1 Showdown, and towers with difficult combat missions in addition to the story mode. It is up to three Guardians to take on waves of the Fractured to win different prizes, some of which are Motes that may be utilised to level up certain characters. For each character class (ranged, tank/meat/support), the Motes come in a variety of colours that match to the sort of motes they may be used with. In addition to the four categories, each Guardian has a specific personality trait, such as Royalty or Seafaring. Aside from that, each Guardian has a star rating, a unique set of abilities, and a wide range of attacks.

At the end of each encounter, the player is faced with an extremely difficult boss battle which drains all of their vitality. It is possible for one of the Guardians to be granted direct human command while the others engage in combat using artificial intelligence. The degree of prize you earn depends on the number of Guardians that make it to the end, which might range from one star to three stars, depending on the difficulty of the battle. For star ratings, every mission, save for the 1v1 Showdown, has the same difficulty; however, certain missions have restrictions. There are restrictions on the number of Guardians that may be on a team, which allows for a shift in tactics when dealing with an enemy.

As a team, the Guardians are expected to perform at a certain degree of effectiveness in each encounter, which is determined by how effectively they work together. The majority of the story may be completed without a considerable loss of strength. In the fifth chapter, free-to-play players may have to take a break from the story mode to grind for extra crates and supplies at the midway mark. There are also in-game microtransactions that may be used to buy orbs. With the help of crystals, you may then open up even more guardians and buy items like Motes and energy-restoration potions.

It is possible to build a powerful team in the Disney Mirrorverse without spending any microtransactions. In order to get orbs and crystals without spending any money you have to grind for supplies, level up your guardians, and complete achievements and achievements to get orbs and crystals without spending any money. Even while crystals that provide supplies can also be turned into something else, you may get a Guardian from them at the very least. Shards from destroyed duplicate Guardians can be collected and utilised to boost a character’s star rating. Shards are decomposed after vanquished. The Alliance leaderboards do not include microtransactions, which may be quite frustrating. Not like Diablo Immortal or other recent mobile games.

It’s never too late to join a mission, and new coalitions can be created and joined at any moment without incurring any fees. It’s easy to complete Alliance mission milestones without doing anything because the game rewards points for almost anything you do. If an Alliance is at the top of the scoreboard and has won the most points, it receives one of many weekly honours. By competing with one’s friends and allies as well as the promise of new material and updates, players are encouraged to keep playing. An action-packed plot that brings to life a variety of familiar Disney and Pixar characters is the hallmark of the Disney Mirrorverse.


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