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Pets are considered the most loyal friends of people. They not only make their owners feel safe. But it also fills the void of loneliness that the wearer may experience. For that reason, people look for skilled pet painters who can paint realistic pets on canvas from photos of their favorite animals.

Pet painters are highly skilled professionals known for creating these timeless pieces. These famous artists had to work on portraits for a long time. And they gained experience in this field. Only professional pet painting artists can draw beautiful artwork. Therefore, it is important that each person consult only a specialist. These masters present truly outstanding masterpieces in different ways. Beautiful pieces designed with distinct color coordination can be purchased. There are watercolor sketches. Acrylic paintings, pastel paintings, gouache paintings and even charcoal and pencil sketches.

Artistic photos are created by professionals 

Artistic photos are created by professionals because they are very passionate about this creation. Many pet artists do this activity for food. while others are designed for the true happiness and passions of their lives. The aforementioned pet painter introduced a new style of oil painting called custom painting. This is because it is difficult for the pet to pose naturally even for a few minutes. So, these experts use pet photos clicked to create the best pet portraits in the world. They made some changes to have a realistic approach to construction. Visit here Pet Portrait Painting Los Angeles

Through these talented portrait artists, people can paint their pets perfectly. Such paintings can be hung in different corners of the house to give a sense of privacy to each corner. These artists create really extraordinary works to give them really beautiful works of art.

Do you know how easy and inexpensive it is to get professional pet oil paintings? Furry friends painted on canvas always look cute and cheerful. Artwork of dogs, cats and other pets can be a good gift and a unique home decoration. How do you take these personal portraits?

You can find portrait artists online.

Some may be located in your area. Some may work remotely and use images for reference. A single work can give the artist a more personal experience. Working remotely can provide better quality and cost. As a compromise, it takes an artist several weeks to paint a picture. Then send the canvas to you some artists may be able to frame the canvas for you.

This saves time in searching for a local framer.

One of the advantages of finding a portrait photographer remotely is the opportunity to work with artists in low-paying countries. They are very talented but they can offer lower prices for their work than many artists working locally in the western world.

In collaboration with these artists, users must provide their photos on the Internet. After a few weeks, they can see conceptual images of the artwork. Which if satisfied will be shipped directly to their home This is an easy and very affordable way to find great portrait artists and paint pets in just a few weeks. Some artists can create custom lists. If not, the customer can take their canvas to a local frame shop and select a frame from a variety of options.

Castella Media Group & Paw Strokes.

Castella Media Group, a digital marketing agency, announced in its blog that the company began to work with Paw Strokes. 

About Paw Strokes

Paw Strokes is ran by an artist Simon Saldarriaga who offers pet portrait painting services in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA. Simon Saldarriaga is an animal-loving artist from Medellin, Colombia. You can learn more about Simon in his About page. Castella Media is excited to work with Paw Strokes – as Simon’s pet portrait paintings look amazing, and he’s obviously very talented. You can check out his work in Pet Portrait Gallery. Pet paintings are available everywhere – not just for people in Los Angeles area.

About Castella Media Group

Castella Media Group was founded by Russ Castella in Lansdale PA (Philadelphia). The company focuses on digital marketing including web design, social media marketing, SEO, music video promotion, YouTube video promotio, PPC marketing, and more. Current clients of Castella Media Group include The Lash Boutique Philadelphia, Keisha’s Kozy corner, Power Foods Meal Prep Los Angeles, Jenny Babas, Alec Penix, Paw Strokes, and more.


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