Desert safari in Dubai – A Lifetime experience

Desert safari in Dubai

It is impossible to exclude Dubai from the list of best touring places in this world. World’s tallest building to numerous art hotels, Dubai has teamed with various touring spots. But do you know away from the business of this momentous city, a desert safari in Dubai is one of the most famous and beloved tourist activities?

Outside of the city, the red velvet of the world’s largest sand desert. The Empty Quarter Desert, grabs the attention of tourists all across the globe. Dubai Desert Safari is an extremely adventurous, but safe and unforgettable journey whose memorable moments are etched on the hearts permanently. Every tourist marks the Dubai desert safari on top of the list of the must-visit places in Dubai.

Different kinds of Dubai Desert Safaris 

Different tour organizations provide the services of tourism according to the need and time management of the tourists. Three types of desert safari packages are morning, evening, and overnight desert safari create ease for the tourist to select a perfect desert safari that perfectly suits their time and money. 

Morning desert safari is the best way to explore the Arabian desert solely and spot wildlife for the early risers. However, harsh weather and more cost are the major drawbacks of this type of safari.

Evening desert safari is budget-friendly and also offers delicious dinner with other thrilling activities including stunning sunset view, high speed riding over soft dunes, sandboarding, falcon photography, and many more.

An overnight desert safari allows you to witness the incredible experience of camping in the twilight of UAE deserts.

So, take your pick accordingly by taking into account various factors, such as the climate, time availability, budget, etc. However, our recommendation goes for the overnight safari since the experience of spending the night in a desert is going to stay with you forever!

What to Experience in Dubai Desert Safari? 

Dubai desert safari is undefeatable in offering adventure, joy, and satisfaction to its visitors. 

Some courageous experiences in desert safari are listed below 

Camel Riding 

Traditional camel ride is an exciting and more adventurous way to explore the marvelous beauty of the desert lands of the United Arab Emirates. It is the best way to explore the lifestyle of the desert in a short time. A romantic camel ride with a stunning sunset view is an utmost pleasure and joy for the young visitors. Amazing and funny photography of camel ride in huge dunes gives lifetime memories to cherish 

Natural Landscapes 

The natural landscapes of the golden sands of the Arabian desert. And the magnificent views of quick changes in dunes patterns by the wind force have the art of capturing hearts. As the sun rises from the huge dunes the glittering rays fall and transform sand grains into tiny diamonds. The soulful moments of sunset add to the beauty of nature and softly touch the hearts of the visitors. 

Sand Sports 

Dubai desert safari is a mixture of thrilling, adventurous, and traditional activities, for all types of tourists. It is a great exploration for the young tourists to play with the golden dunes of sand, smash them and glide over them.

Sandboarding is a unique experience of speedily riding down Golden dunes by standing over a flat board.

Quad biking is an amazing way for a quick excursion in the Dubai desert as it allows you to ride over the soft hills of glittering sand at maximum speed.

Traditional Concerts and Appetizing Dinner

Overnight desert safari provides an incredible opportunity to discover more about the culture and traditions of Arabians. Campsite located in the middle of desert facilitates the visitors to enjoy the spicy barbecue dinners with amusing live concerts of traditional music and dance. Traditional Arabian coffee and shisha are also offered to the visitors. Enjoying the Traditional belly dance and Tanura dance in the romantic twilight of the desert is an utmost pleasure for tourists after a full adventurous day under the sharp sunlight.

It’s never easy to find some spare moments for you and your family in such a fast life. It’s better to stay for few days in such a nice place to get some beautiful memories. Rocky point vacation rental homes are the best place to stay. You will like your home.

Furthermore, you can also don the traditional Arab costume available at the campsite and get clicked by professional photographs. These photographs will serve as pleasant memories of the excitement-filled time you spend during the safari.


Excursion to Dubai desert safari is a remarkable and fascinating experience to feel the glory of nature up close. How much you explore and enjoy during this stunning journey solely depends upon your selection of desert safari packages.


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