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Connie Kline

You might have heard that celebrities’ children get a lot of attention from the media. They try to find all the details related to their kids even though they try to keep their lives hidden. Well there is an interesting turnover Connie Kline is the mother of famous actress Corinne fox and she has become the center of attention for people nowadays. There are a lot of things that people are wondering about. I have tried to gather all the possible details related to her. In this article, we will see each detail you just have to read the article till the end.

Who is Connie Kline?

Connie Kline is famous for dating Jamie Fox and being the mother of Corinne Fox. She was an air force veteran and she served her services for like 5 years. Moreover, right now she is an accountant at CK.

Connie Kline Bio:

Jamie Foxx’s wife was born in 1969 and is 50 years old. She spent her childhood in New York and Los Angeles with her parents. Connie completed her education in high school. She wanted to become a teacher and that’s why she teaches in different high schools.

Jamie and Connie Dating:

In her early life, she fell in love with famous actor and comedian Jamie Fox. They dated for a short time period and gave birth to a very beautiful daughter. But this relationship ended so soon. Their daughter followed her dad’s profession and worked as an actress. She lives with her mother and Connie takes the best care of her daughter. As Jamie is rich she is supporting his family. On the other hand, Connie Kline is also working and he tries to train her clients to work smartly and save their money.

Connie Kline Relation with her daughter:

She is an actress and model and is 27 years old. Corrine has made a successful career. She started working in 2014 and did a lot of brand shoots and acting roles in different movies. She is highly educated and graduated from the university of southern California.

Jamie Foxx:

We have talked enough about Connie now let me throw some light on her ex-boyfriend. Many of you might know him already as he is a well-known actor. Jamie was born in texas. Since his early childhood, he has been interested in music. At the age of 5, he used to play the piano. Along with this, he had a very sharp sense of humor. Jamie used to make his friends laugh with his jokes.

He used to play basketball and many other sports. Jame completed his studies at a US international university.

Jamie’s career:

His career started with the movie TOY. Then after that, he worked in a drama and he made successful with his acting skills. Soon Jamie worked with Tom Cruise and in that movie, he got nominated for a supporting role oscar award. 

As he was interested in music too then he pursued his career in singing. In this field, Jamie Foxx also made a big name and worked with famous singers like Kanye West. he got an Oscar for his movie Ray. After that Jamie worked in many other movies that were successful.

Connie’s Net Worth:

Connie Kline worked in the air force for 5 years and made a lot of money from that profession. Then she also did teaching and she was also the wife of Jamie Foxx. She has a lot of money. According to an estimate, her net worth is 1 million dollars which she has earned with much effort. Connie is still working as an accountant and ows a very pretty big house in LA. Her lifestyle is very luxurious and her daughter also lives with her.


In this blog, we have talked about  Connie Kline who is a single mother of her daughter Corinne. She is an inspiration for many people as she worked in the Air force and raised her daughter. She proved women can do anything they want. We have shared the all details with you. Hope you like this article.

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