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Let us be honest. It is good to take breaks during the day, especially if we are working hard. It does not necessarily have to be at the office. You may work hard at home, or maybe just need a new hobby to cultivate. Or you may simply wish to catch a break. What if I told you that you could play a fun casual game during those moments? Imagine you are indulging in a fun puzzle game on your phone, or simply bursting balloons. Why do you ask? Because those are the kinds of games one calls Casual. After all, they are the flagship in the gaming industry lately.

What are casual games?

Casual games are entertaining and for a moment, you can even forget your troubles and worries. In fact, you can download from among the thousands of apps considering the variety available to you. It may be that you wish to try out some. So, how about I help you out by curating a list of some of the best casual games? Let’s dig in.

  1. Slashy:
    If you are a puzzle game lover, this game is exactly made for you. This game has been introduced by Camel Motion and has many interesting features. Your prime task is to burst discs after placing slices on top of them in the correct order. There are over 300 levels in the game so you are very unlikely to get bored of it. Besides, there are some amazing props you can use in the game such as a football, a clock, and a pizza, among others to assist you. Moreover, you can also use a magic hammer to help you get unstuck. There are limited move-sets and a timer to up the challenge for you. So, go for it.
  1. Battle Cats:
    A game involving cats sounds fun, isn’t it? In this fun game, you have to use a lot of cats to help defend your tower from your enemies. Now, your enemies are the gruesome zombies and aliens and you need to create an army of cute and fluffy cats to defend against them. It is actually a spin on the classic game of tower defense. So, are you ready to place and control your cat army on a 2D battlefield?
  1. Pocket World 3D
     Have you ever wanted to build bridges and houses? Well, here is your chance to get into the construction business with this perfect game which is a blend of architecture and Lego. There is absolutely no worry about a timer so you can complete the puzzle pieces without stress. So, what you have to do here is place certain shapes onto the designated areas and complete the building. You get to make buildings from around the world, including small and cozy buildings such as cute Japanese shops.
  1. Stacky Bird:
    Animals are a common part of some casual games. This game, for instance, has a square-shaped bird that flies over different places in the game. Now, your main objective is to make a long chain of eggs while overcoming many obstacles that should come your way. However, be careful as there will be nasty monsters and thorns waiting for you on your way. Moreover, you will receive coins while playing that will aid you in unlocking different characters in the game.
  1. Going Balls:
    This is another fun game on the list which, as the name suggests, involves balls. All you have to do here is to guide the ball through different areas and pass a range of obstacles. You will find a huge collection of balls of different colors and shapes that will guarantee your entertainment. Moreover, you will receive enough coins while playing. This is an amazing game and as you progress through levels, the level of difficulty will increase. This game boasts a user-friendly interface with amazing graphics.
  1. Swipe Jump 2D
     In this game, you have to navigate the ball and collect as many stars as you can and then cross the finish line. Moreover, you will find a special indicator on top of the screen to keep track of your performance. There are 100 levels in the game and each level gets more difficult than the other. However, remember that the ball can only jump on colored platforms and these colors will change as the ball passes a border.


Now that you have read about the various kinds of casual games such as fun puzzle games, cute cat games, and more, it is time you play them. You can easily download them from the App Store and Play Store and enjoy your time. We would like to recommend the best fun puzzle game.


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