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Carlos Slik

If you see the history you will see a number of rich people who built their names in the business. People who struggle for their life get fruitful results. The same is the case with entrepreneurs who are making history with their remarkable success. Carlos Slik is one of the richest personalities in the world.

He started his career after getting inspiration from Genghis Khan. In this article, you will get to know details about him and his success. So let’s get into the article.

Carlos Slik:

Carlos Slik is a very rich Mexican personality who was born on January 28th, 1940. His parents were from a high-profile family of Lebanese but they migrated to Mexico in 1902.

Carlos’s childhood:

Before Silk’s birth, his family migrated to Mexico. He had great opportunities for everything. As you know his parents were from the elite class and they were educated. They wanted their son to get a degree first.

Carlos did so, from a well-known university in Mexico he got her engineering degree. His father was also a businessman; his aim was to be a businessman too. So he pursued his career in it. Carlos has six siblings and he was on the 5th number.

Carlos Slik’s business journey:

Mr. Carlos was fond of trading. In 1911 he built a dry goods store that led him to give millions of dollars in profit. He acquired real estate and that became the success of his journey. Silk invested a lot of money in real estate which brought wealth to his life.

Carso Group of Carlos:

As the prices of oil were going up the economy of Mexico wasn’t stable. Then he stepped in and started to own some Mexican businesses. And for this purpose, the Carso Group was made.

In a very less time, he bought many businesses from the government. He owned the telecommunication business firstly and then it started to expand in other countries as well and it never stopped. In the beginning, he only had 6 percent of the shares but then this percentage raised up to 16 percent. He currently holds almost 40 firms.

Generous Carlos Slik:

Carlos Slik wasn’t arrogant at all. He wanted to support the poor people of his nation. And for that, there were a lot of charities. Carlos himself loves art and sports so he invested in these two things a lot. His foundations also contributed to the long-term development of his country. The works that were done by him and his foundation are given below.

– You must have heard about the Soumaya Museum of Mexico; it was founded by Mr. Carlos in 1994. Every person can visit this museum without any discrimination.

–  Ideal organization is also funded by him which works for the better economic development of the country. This also gives employment to needy people.

– Mexico historical center foundation is one of the best wonders done by him. This foundation aims to protect and keep the country’s historical areas safe.

Carlos’s family:

We have talked a lot about his parents above. Now let’s talk about his wife and children. He was married to Soumaya in 1967. He was really loving to his family, especially to kids. We used to stay out of the country most of the time for business projects but he gave his time to his family properly. He used to take them out.

Carlos Slik used to have lunch with his kids and at the dining table, he used to advise them on how to handle business. He had six children and all of them were his friends. Her wife died due to some renal disease. They were married for 33 years but he never wanted to marry someone else after her.

Carlos Slik net worth:

As per an estimate, he has 52 billion dollars and this makes him the 4th richest person in the world. Now all of his wealth and business are handled by his sons. Being the richest person he was a down-to-earth person.


Carlos Slik is the world’s 4th richest personality in the world that wasn’t arrogant at all and his aim was to develop his country more and more so that not a single person stays unemployed. Hope you like the details about him.

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