Being physical in car is illegal in California or not?

Being physical in car is illegal in California or not

In the car, whether driving or doing any type of activity, you have to have a thousand eyes on you and with all your senses alert. More, if possible, people who for any reason have sex in their vehicles.

The thrill of having physical relationship in the car is as amazing as anything you can think of, the thrill of suspense and wondering what could go wrong. Well, it’s a fact that there are a million things that could go wrong, which they do to begin with; but the question is still here is car sex illegal or not?

You’re in luck; this article aims to guide you on everything you need to know before exploiting those thoughts of having physical relationship in the car. So shall we dive?

Is it illegal to have intimacy in a car?

According to current laws, it is illegal to have a physical relationship in an open public space. However, it’s important to point out that it’s not always illegal to be physical in your car.

According to the penal code, it is illegal to solicit someone to engage in dissolute behavior in public. Dissolute sight simply involves touching another person’s buttocks, genitals, or breasts.

You must engage in this activity with a clear intention to satisfy or excite you. This could also apply if you intend to offend someone who may be watching your actions.

Things to note before having physical relationship in the car

  1. Cars are for quickies

If you find the perfect spot to park and have nowhere to go, you might get lucky and have plenty of time for an hour or two of foreplay, followed by extended periods of great intimacy on the bench seat back. But generally, cars are for quickies, so it’s best to approach the experience with speed in mind.

This works well if you’re looking to hang out with your partner on your lunch break or before you go home to your parents after a date. But speed is also useful when you don’t want to get caught, which you definitely want to avoid.

  1. Space for positions are limited

If the movies were to be believed, then you’d have intimacy in the car as well as upstairs. But in reality, there are really only a few options, and it will still take a bit of groping to get them to work.

For the passenger seat action, you’ll have to recline the seat a bit and hope you don’t shove your leg into the side of the door or that annoying thing that locks the seatbelt in place. From there, the best position to try is the Cowgirl position, either normal or reverse.

For the backseat action, you can stretch out a bit more, but unless you’re on the shorter side, one of you will probably be straddling the other while not being quite right; there is simply no space to lie down.

  1. Leg cramps are inevitable

Any position where you can’t fully stretch your legs is likely to cause something to cramp. And car intimacy is pretty much the exact recipe for that. That’s why, if you know you’ll have physical bounding in the car, you might want to have some. Stretches first; yoga stretches, ideally, because they open up the hips — and even give your libido a healthy boost into action.

  1. Leather seats are a BIG NO

Let’s put it this way: Rug burns pale in comparison to the feeling of tearing your wet, sticky skin on a leather or vinyl car seat, so keep that in mind as you move around your sedan. Leather also doesn’t allow for much movement, which tends to be necessary for good time.