What Are Cankles & How to Get Rid of Cankles


Are you pondering to know what are cankles and how to cure them? Then you are at the right place in this article I will tell you about all details related to it. So let’s dive into the details.

What are cankles?

So basically two terms calf and ankle together make a new term known as cankles. It is a term used when a person is confused to differentiate between the calf from the ankle. In this condition, there is an excessive accumulation of fat cells and fluid in the ankle.

Causes of cankles:

There are several causes of this condition. Let’s look at them one by one.

1- Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is no doubt a very hard time period for women. The body of a woman undergoes hundred of changes. When a woman is expecting blood and body fluids are produced in double amounts.

All this excessive fluid accumulates in joints and makes the body of a woman softer. The body expands when a woman expects a baby. In these women, cankles are caused when they perform no activity and stay in one position for a longer time.

2- Diet:

The food that we eat is very important for our healthy life. If you eat without taking care of your health it leads to many health problems including cankles. Food that contains sodium in high amounts causes more storage of water. When you ignore eating such foods you can be slim and your ankle and calves don’t swell.

3- Genetics:

Genetics play important role in causing cankles. It has been seen that this condition passes from mothers to daughters and if it’s not in one sister it must be present in another sister or cousin.

Obese people burn excessive fats when they lose weight or do exercise. But exercises for weight loss can’t help with cankles. You can only burn unwanted fat but not from particular areas like your ankles or calves’ fat.

4- Medications:

Some surgeries and medications can swell your ankles. You need to see a doctor when your legs swell without any reason. If you are able to make a dent in your legs then your legs have an excess amount of fluids.

How to get rid of cankles?

When you notice swellings on your ankles you, first of all, see a doctor.

You can change your eating habits. You can add green vegetables and a high protein intake.

You can do calf and ankle muscle exercises to avoid swelling and development of cankles.

It can also be treated with unique liposuction. In this technique, the fats are removed from ankles and calves.

Exercises to prevent fat accumulation around ankles:

1-    Squats

2-    Rope jumping

3-    Lunge calf  lifts

4-    Stair calf lift


It is an exercise in which you have to stand up and lower your hips and then again stand up back. In doing so there is flex in your knee and hip joints while your ankle joints are dorsiflexed. When you stand back your hip and knee joints extend.

Rope jumping:

 Jumping ropes gives many health benefits including cardio and weight loss. It also stretches your calf muscles. When you jump the rope bring your elbows close to your body and just jump on the front part of your feet. Keep your heels on the ground.

Lunge Calf lifts:

In this exercise, you have to maintain your balance more and it is quite different from all other exercises. You have to place your knees at 90 degrees angle while standing in a lunge position. When you hold the weight it increases your intensity.

Stair calf lift:

On stairs, you do calf lift and it helps to extend your calf more. You have to maintain your balance on the edge of stairs your foot’s heel will hang over the stair and the ball of your feet on the stair.


This article gives you astonishing information related to Cankles. You can get rid of this condition with much care and a good diet. Hope you would get benefit from the information given in this article.

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