Bybit Review: The Best Trading Platform 2022?


I will discuss what ByBit is, its background, the platform’s advantages and disadvantages, and other topics in this bybit review from 2022. You don’t want to pay exorbitant fees or utilize the incorrect trading platform, whether an institutional investor or a retail investor. It will help if you stay informed about the top trading platforms.

Pros of ByBit

  • Online trading. No KYC is needed.
  • Superior customer care. Multiple contact options, available round-the-clock
  • Minimal withdrawal costs vary according to currency
  • Trial accounts. Without sacrificing assets, get platform knowledge.

Cons to ByBit

  • Restricted cryptocurrency. 
  • Lack of support for Fiat (only five supported) 
  • The NFT market is small.

Is Bybit Safe?

Bybit appears to be a secure leveraged trading platform with operating and security protocols akin to those found in banks, ensuring that customer funds are kept safe. According to our analysis, the exchange has never been hacked or otherwise compromised. The safety precautions include two-factor authentication, offline cold wallet storage, and multi-signature withdrawal procedures.

To secure your funds, Bybit has put in place several security measures. All customer monies are kept in cold storage offline. It also carefully checks each withdrawal request in detail to prevent fraudulent withdrawals.

Bybit participates in a bug bounty program that entices moral hackers to find and report any security weaknesses in its software. All of its staff have their backgrounds checked as well. Two-factor authentication is available by Bybit at the user level for withdrawals and modifications to account security settings.

Bybit will benefit you if:

  • You wish to trade using margin, even though you don’t reside there.
  • Using sophisticated trading tools gives you confidence.
  • You’re willing to accept some risk and are interested in learning how to use cryptocurrency derivatives.

How Bybit works?

You only need a phone number or email address to open an account with Bybit because there are no KYC requirements. You can add cryptocurrency to your account or use a third-party app to purchase Bitcoin using fiat (conventional) currency.

With up to 100x leverage, it provides margin and futures trading. Users of Bybit can leverage Bitcoin at 100x and other currencies at 50x. Additionally, customers can get temporary insurance against losses. The mobile cryptocurrency app and website are jam-packed with valuable features for experienced traders.

One cryptocurrency can be exchanged for another. However, Bybit is not the most excellent option if that’s all you plan to do because it’s not designed for spot trading. If this is your first time using leverage, you can think of it as borrowing money to increase your prospective profits.

They are additionally known as buying on margin. Regulators forbid regular investors from making purchases on margin since doing so could increase their losses and leave them with nothing. You can either go long (place a wager that the currency will appreciate) or short (bet that the money will lose value). The three primary sorts of orders you can set are as follows:

  1. Limit: a purchase or sale order at the specified price.
  2. Market: an immediate order fulfillment from the order book. You’ll have to pay a taker fee and less say in your final price.
  3. Conditional: This order becomes active when your trigger price is met. For instance, you might establish a “take profit order” to sell your investment once you’ve achieved a 50% profit.

How Did We Create This Bybit vs. Revolut Comparison?

  • We Collect

The information offered in this Revolut vs. Bybit cryptocurrency exchange comparison is factual and has only been gathered from reliable, verified sources. This approach guarantees that the reader’s choice is thoughtful and founded on accurate information.

  • We examine 

Our researchers study and analyze the collected data utilizing data science techniques to filter it out. Everything goes through our rigorous screening process to weed out incorrect information and advertising claims, regardless of whether it is user feedback, service features, or pricing.

  • We Win

Each element in this Bybit vs. Revolut cryptocurrency exchange comparison is represented with a score, a grading system, or any other accessible style to make it easier for you to decide which brand is the best.

  • You Choose

You can now explore the entire chart created once the obtained data has been combined, processed, and put into it to determine which bitcoin exchange best suits your needs. But always remember first to identify your cryptocurrency goals!


According to our Bybit review, it is a user-friendly exchange with reliable technology, affordable fees, and a straightforward user interface. Additionally, we are pleased to learn that they have created an insurance fund to control market risk. They are in an excellent position to present a viable alternative to the current trading environment for cryptocurrency futures. In actuality, Bybit’s order book liquidity recently surpassed Deribit’s.

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