Bichectomy vs Endermologie: Which Buccal Fat Removal is Best?

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A Bichectomy is a surgery that removes the fat pads from your cheeks, giving your face a more sculpted look. Many people don’t understand why they can’t get rid of face fat with a good diet or exercise plan. This procedure is for people with stubborn fat pads in their cheeks that aren’t affected by traditional weight loss methods. By removing too much cheek volume with a Bichectomy, the cheekbones will stand out more, and the appearance of facial roundness will be less noticeable. This Buccal Fat Removal surgery is long-lasting because the fat pads will not grow back after being removed.

In what way is Endermologie different from other types of medicine?

After these first treatments, it is found that the process made cellulite less noticeable and made the skin look better overall. Since this discovery, Endermologie has become very popular in the beauty industry because it is safe and has been proven to work for a short time.

Bichectomy: How Is It Done?

In terms of surgery, a Bichectomy Buccal Fat Removal procedure is quick and painless. An anesthetic is put in your mouth; then, a small incision is made in your cheek. The buccal fat pads are then removed through this incision.


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A doctor removes the fat pads from the patient’s body. The cut is stitched up, and the patient is sent home with care instructions for the next few weeks. Before you have surgery, you will have to meet with a professional to talk about your goals, medical history, and more. After the Bichectomy, your doctor will also want you to come back at least once to check how the incisions are healing, and the scars look.

Take a look at the risks of a Bichectomy.

People need to have surgery and be out of work for a few weeks after having their buttocks removed, called a “bichectomy.” While the procedure is thought to be relatively safe, especially when a skilled plastic surgeon does it, Bichectomy risks can include:

  • There is a chance of getting infected with something.
  • At this point, the blood starts to flow.

In most cases, a Bichectomy is a very safe procedure that doesn’t cause long-term side effects or damage, except in very rare cases. See your doctor if you have pain, bleeding, numbness, or think you have an infection.

To find out how Endermologie works:

The Endermologie process is relaxing and doesn’t hurt. This non-surgical method is usually available at spas and is done by aestheticians who have a lot of experience. During your appointment, you will be asked to wear a special bodysuit to help the treatment work its best. Then, a beauty professional will move the massagers over cellulite or other areas that need to be worked on. When you use the massagers, they work on toning your skin and breaking down the lumpy material that makes your cellulite look like cellulite. Between 30 and 45 minutes, most appointments last about that long.

Before and after the Bichectomy:

The best way to get ready for a Bichectomy is to take care of your general health and well-being. Ensure you don’t smoke or drink for a few days before your appointment and be ready for the recovery process afterward.

Your doctor will have to give you the go-ahead. After your Bichectomy, you should be able to go back to your normal life in a couple of weeks. But be ready for a few days to weeks of swelling before you see the full results of your surgery.

How long it will take to recover from an Endermologie procedure?

Most people don’t need to take time off after having Endermologie done. They are usually mild and go away in two weeks.

Cost of Bichectomy:

The cost of a Bichectomy procedure can be very different depending on where you live and the skill or experience of your plastic surgeon. This surgery costs anywhere from 1,50,180 rupees to3,75,450 rupees, depending on the skill and experience of your doctor. Because the surgery is not medically necessary, most insurance companies don’t pay for the costs. You may also have to pay more for your buccal fat pad removal surgery because your plastic surgeon is in a different place.

In general, how much does it cost to have an Endermologie procedure?

From 3,754.5 rupees to 1,31,407.5 rupees Endermologie can be paid for with cash or checks. The cost of Endermologie depends on where you live, whether your doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon, and how long and complicated your plastic surgery is.

People who have Bichectomy surgery get:

  • Make your face look better
  • A more chiseled jawline and face shape
  • A younger and slimmer look.

In what ways can Endermologie help you?

Many people think of endermologie treatments as ways to get rid of cellulite, but some of the most important benefits of endermologie are health-related.





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