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If you are planning to buy a new hard drive for your PC, you must take Western Digital hard drives into consideration for their high performance and reliability. Western Digital is offering different series of hard drives, such as WD Black, WD Blue, WD Green, and WD Purple. In this article, we will compare WD Black with WD Blue and suggest to you which one to opt for running high-end application programs like games or video editing software with utmost efficiency.

WD Blue vs. WD Black

As one of the leading hard drive manufacturers, Western Digital has introduced a variety of hard drives. Most PC users opt for buying WD hard drives to replace their existing and low-performance hard drives. But the problem is that more choices lead to confusion.

Western Digital, being a top-notch manufacturer of computer hardware not only sells hardware to IT hardware manufacturers but also serves the B2C segment. In the late 90s, WD ranked 3rd among storage manufacturers for having a significant market share and still rooted as a leading hardware manufacturer in the tech industry.

As many users tend to buy WD Black or WD Blue, this article will showcase the comparison between the WD’s hard drive lineup to assist you in opting for a suitable hard drive for your PC.

WD Blue Drive

WD Blue hard drives are introduced to be used as primary storage in laptop or desktop PCs. WD Blue series serves well if you want to store a multitude of high-resolution photos, 4K videos, program files, and other important data or documents.

WD blue also offers features like high storage density, which ensures fewer access times as more data is stored in a single unit of disc area. Below are some important features and specifications of the WD Blue Series hard drives:

  • Capacity: 500GB to 6TB;
  • Interface: SATA 6GB/s;
  • Form factor: 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch (Depending upon storage capacity);
  • Sustained transfer speed: 147MB/s to 180 MB/s;
  • Cache: 64MB (sustainable for high-speed burst operations);
  • Rotational speed: 5,400 RPM to 7,200 RPM;
  • Target market: Average users;
  • Warranty period: 2 years;

From the aforementioned features and specs, it can be concluded that this drive offers a high performance-to-cost ratio and it can sustain the overall requirements of an average user with promising performance and efficiency. If you want better storage performance for your PC and reduced boot or application launch times, it is recommended to deploy WD Blue HDD with a WD SSD.

WD Black Drive

The WD Black hard drives are designed to boost the overall user experience. For instance, it is perfect for high-performance applications like UHD video editing software and high-end games.

Being a top-notch HDD in the consumer market and WD Black 6TB 256MB as its most preferred product in the market, WD Black is focused on high storage with the best performance among all available options.

As we have discussed, WD Blue boasts high speed due to high storage density, making it possible to perform faster sequential access. But the newest WD Black 6TB internal hard drive (followed by 8TB and 10TB variants) is the game-changer. The WD Black 6TB HDD offers five 1.2TB platters with 10 read/write heads. It means each WD Black 6TB HDD platter can be approached by 2 read/write heads which interns reduces the access times upto a remarkable extent. This state-of-the-art design offered in WD Black 6TB internal hard drive maximizes data density per platter and helps in reducing the travel distance and access time of each head.

Now, let’s see some essential specifications related to WD Black:

  • Capacity range: 500GB to 10TB (with WD Black 6TB, 8TB and 10TB having 256MB cache)
  • Interface: SATA 6GB/s;
  • Form factor: 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches;
  • Sustained transfer speed: 202MB/s to 227MB/s;
  • Cache: 64MB to 256MB;
  • Rotational Speeds: 7,200 RMP (but twice the performance due to two read/write heads assigned to each platter)
  • Target Market: graphic designers, gaming enthusiasts, and other high-end users.
  • Warranty: 5 years (making it an eye candy for high-end content produces and gamers to opt for their production rigs and performance-based desktops);

It can be concluded that the WD Black series with its high-end variants like WD 10TB, WD 8B, and WD 6TB internal hard drives offer promising results in terms of high-performance but it is more expensive than the WD Blue (if we compare 6TB variants of both lineup as WD blue offer maximum capacity upto 6TB).

Another comparison between both WD lineups you need to know is that the WD Black has a bigger chassis than WD Blue to ensure vibration reduction. Furthermore, the WD Black consumes more power and produce more noise due to high rotational speeds.

Choosing WD Black Hard Drive for Gaming

High performance and speed make WD black a perfect storage option for gamers and content producers. Let’s discuss why.

Gaming Performance and Capacity

WD Black is specifically built to boost your PC gaming experience as WD 10TB, WD 8TB, and WD 6TB internal hard drives offer 256 MB of DRAM cache. The WD Black HDDs being high-performance storage drives offer a better gaming experience and fewer load times. Using a WD Black HDD in parallel with WD Black SSD as a dual-drive setup can further improve your rig performance while allowing you to store more games. The remarkable features of WD Black HDD include ultra-fast speeds, high capacity, and a comprehensive 5-years warranty.

Drive Your Game

The WD Black HDD is the best storage hardware for your gaming PC, featuring 256MB cache in high-storage variants to store your favorite games or store high-quality pre- or post-processed videos or images.

Store More, Play More

With gigantic storage capacities offered by WD 10TB, WB 8TB, and WD 6TB 256MB cache HDDs, the WD Black lineup allows you to enjoy the perks of a smooth gaming experience with AAA titled modern games, perform high-end content production tasks, and also keeping your ever-growing collection of videos ready to watch without any lack.


After comparing Western Digital Blue vs Black, it is advisable to opt for the Black series with a little bit of extra expenditure. If you reject high-quality storage options like WD Black or WD Blue, one important aspect that needs to be considered is that if you compromise for a low-end hard drive, you may end up losing your data due to hard drive failure.


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