Best Mechanical Designing Courses Online

Mechanical Designing

Mechanical design can be learned online and in person. Many design colleges offer the online route for several mechanical designing courses. Online mode is as effective as you can view the course content offered by different colleges. You can also use other websites for learning mechanical design. It does not have to be an online course from a particular college. 

Mechanical designing sometimes comes under some colleges’ mechanical engineering courses of study. But for others, it can also be available as a separate course of study that you may or may not choose to take up. Since the field is still expanding, it can also become the main course of study for those who choose to take it up. It also has a few courses that are attached to it. 

  • Mechanical Designing Course – This will often cover the basic mechanical design engineering skills of analysing products, evaluating them, and coming up with a solution when needed. It also includes sessions for developing the creative skills of the student. 
  • Computer-Aided Design Course – Students will learn the basic and essential skills needed to create designed software specially built for the purpose. This course will require the students to have computer access to practice their software skills for 2D and 3D designs. 
  • Engineering Materials – Along with learning to create mechanical designs, students must know what material to use. This course will allow them to do that. 

There are also production-related courses that the students may have to join to have an all-around knowledge of the mechanical designing process, from designing it on software to producing it. For every course a student chooses, there will be different levels depending on their experience in other courses. 

  • A website that provides different levels of courses for mechanical designing is Udemy. Its course on Intro to Mechanical Design engineering skill set is available on their website. In this course, as mentioned, they have an introduction to the terms used in mechanical designing. Students are also given sessions on the importance of analysis and evaluation in designing and how to draft concepts. They are also given an introduction to the different mechanical design levels and each level’s content. 
  • Udemy also offers an advanced course in this area. The Advanced Mechanical Design Course on Udemy also covers designing using the CAD software and also what considerations to keep in mind when using the software for designing any product. The website suggests the course for those who have experience in Mechanical Designing and know how to use CAD software to draft 2D or 3D designs. 
  • Another website that offers the mechanical designing course is RBtech. Their online course offers the core fundamentals of mechanical design, including drafting, design essentials, and designing using the software. It includes sessions for developing soft skills essential in this area of study. 


These mechanical design courses are available online, and many educational websites usually offer courses. However, if the website does not specialise in engineering, it will not have a detailed course like these two. Hope this blog has helped. 


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