Best leather shoe brands in India


The sort of shoes you wear can represent the moment of truth in the impression you make. Envision wearing a super-tasteful proper outfit to dark bind with glossy conventional shoes as you walk the honorary pathway of the setting. Looks extraordinary, isn’t that so?

Regardless of how far we push the footwear segment to the lower part of our need show, it’s difficult to overlook that shoes really make a tremendous commitment to upgrading our general looks. Observe your ideal sets of unadulterated cowhide shoes here from among the main 10 calfskin footwear brands in India. Explore more informative topics on queryplex.

Quiet little dogs

Settled in Michigan, Hush Puppies is a famous division of Wolverine World Wide. With a market in more than 120 nations, the brand produces the most agreeable yet rich calfskin footwear. Quiet Puppies footwear is best worn with sharply tailored suits and looks easily beautiful and proficient at business occasions and formal events. ‘Agreeable over feet’ is the slogan of this well-known brand, making it one of the most favored proper cowhide footwear brands in India.

Louis Philippe

A division of the Aditya Birla Group, Louis Philippe is one of the biggest clothing and footwear brands in India. The Louis Philippe scope of cowhide shoes has a few dazzling plans to assist you with taking your style remainder up an indent. Surprising the market, Louis Philippe marked calfskin shoes are produced using great cowhide and have durable soles that empower you to convey that proper look with certainty. To explore more about leather, find out what is bi cast leather.


Laid out in the year 1992, Woodland is characterized by a feeling of experience. The brand offers a wide scope of footwear, formal and relaxed footwear, execution attire, and open-air gear. Easygoing and agreeable, the forest calfskin shoe is an absolute necessity in each tough man’s closet. Forest shoes are impeccably appropriate for outside wear and can be worn at semi-formal events too.

Lee Cooper

Situated in London, Lee Cooper has fitted its items to fit an assortment of business sectors and pocket sizes. The brand offers tasteful calfskin footwear with complex enumerating, which makes certain to catch your eye. An ideal mix of cutting-edge offices and tough quality norms, Lee Cooper cowhide shoes are the encapsulation of solace and fulfill the needs of the clients in the most ideal manner.

Red strip

Known for its unmatched solace, global styles, and artfulness, Red Tape is a top-of-the-line shoe brand for men focused on giving clients the greatest items. Administrative noise has a huge assortment of calfskin shoes for men, especially those known for their plan and strength. Decide to embellish the comfortable, hard calfskin shoes from this brand to be on par with what you are and be the style symbol of your gathering.


With north of 1000 marked stores and establishments universally, Clarks is the main footwear brand that was laid out in the year 1825. Clarks is popular for its desert boots which are made of calf calfskin. High in style and usefulness, Clarks calfskin boots are the ideal decision for those searching for an incentive for cash recommendation.

Alan Solly

One of the quickest developing style brands, Allen Solly is a superior way of life player in the retail area. Present-day and stylish, the Allen Solly calfskin boots are outfitted with excellent soles for a good foothold as well as are all around intended for running on harsh surfaces. The shoes are made of the best quality cowhide and are ideal for your dark tie issues.

US polo

Serving all over the planet, the U.S. Polo Assn. It is an auxiliary of the United States Polo Association. The US The cowhide shoe line of Polo mirrors your character and status in the most ideal manner inferable from the tasteful shoe plans that we offer. A young situated shoe brand, it is an innovator in the cowhide footwear portion and has developed an exciting client base with a limited ability to focus time.

Red Chief

The rundown of top cowhide shoe brands will generally be fragmented without the incorporation of Red Chief. A piece of Lian Global Pvt. Ltd., Red Chief has left an imprint across the world with its elite assortment of Leather Shoes. The brand represents trust and brags about novel plans, solace levels, and sensibly valued footwear. Quite, Red Chief is one of the most outstanding selling brands of Indian cowhide footwear.


Laid out north of 90 a long time back, Adidas is the second biggest athletic apparel producer on the planet and one of the main 10 conventional shoe brands in India. It has been a most loved footwear brand by millions of Indians and has an extremely impressive presence in India too. The shoes produced by this brand are a mix of present-day style and solace and are appropriate for every one of the individuals who embrace the carefree soul of this famous brand.




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