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Brogues are low shoes with a characteristic patterned perforation, which appeared at the end of the 17th century in Europe. Today, there are both men’s and women’s brogues, which are made of leather or suede, and are distinguished by perforated patterns. Coloring and design.

Perfectly combined with both a strict official style and with everyday items made of denim, wool, or tweed. There are three main varieties of these low shoes:

full brogues have perforations over the entire surface of the product, and the shape of the toe is similar to the outline of a wing;
semi-brogues are distinguished by the presence of perforations at the seams and toe;
on quarter brogues, perforation is almost imperceptible.
Cleats are a kind of sports shoes designed for playing football.

It is distinguished by the presence of special spikes on the sole, the location and number of which are constantly changing and modernizing. Used exclusively for sporting events and training.


Vibrams are called special climbing or hiking boots with high stability. They have a sturdy rubber outsole that provides reliable traction on any kind of surface. Also, they are distinguished by the most convenient and comfortable fit, which prevents stretching, overwork, or any deformation of the foot. Foot shoes are available to wear around the world. There are a lot of shoes on Dolce Vita shoes. I highly recommended purchasing these shoes.

They are preferably made of eco-leather or nubuck. They are mainly used for active walks outside the city or tourism.


Winklepickers have their characteristic feature in the form of a long, pointed, and elongated toe, due to which they are difficult to confuse with any other shoe.

The look of Winklepickers can come in many different variations, ranging from boots or boots to shoes with or without heels. Winklepickers pair best with bold, futuristic clothing, as well as a combination of a leather jacket and jeans.


Wellingtons are a type of rubber boots, which are an improved version of army boots, with a light suggestion from the Duke of Wellington. Initially, they were made exclusively from genuine leather, but after the advent of vulcanization, rubber was also used.

They have a strict design, without any fasteners or other decorative elements, but they have a variety of colors, therefore they are successfully combined with both trousers and skirts or dresses. Very versatile and practical, therefore they are equally popular among both men and women.

Work boots

Work boots are practical casual or work shoes that look like high boots or low shoes with lacing. You can also read it

It comes in various colors and designs. Made from nubuck, natural leather or suede.


Grinders are a type of universal weighted boots that can be both women’s and men’s. They owe their name to the brand of the same name, which actually launched this type of shoe into mass production. A distinctive feature of real grinders is the presence of a metal insert on the toe, a rough sole, like military boots, and lacing.

There are several varieties of grinders models:

For manufacturing, high-quality genuine leather and anodized fittings are used. Perfectly combined with both denim items and with various shorts or dresses.


Desert boots are casual suede boots with minimal lacing and thick leather or rubber soles. They are universal, so both men and women can wear them.

Deserts go well with such clothing styles as military, smart casual, and safari. The women’s version of these shoes is more saturated with bright colors and a variety of decorative designs, so they are harmoniously combined with dresses and mid-length skirts.


Derby is one of the varieties of men’s shoes that have relatively recently migrated to the women’s wardrobe and have received many improvements and varieties. Derbies are named after the county of Derbyshire, where they were invented. They have a wide foot and a sidewall sewn in front, due to which they diverge well without lacing.

Quite often, the material from which they are made is additionally perforated. Derby is preferably combined with a conservative, strict wardrobe, mostly office suits. However, some multi-colored models make a great tandem with casual jeans, cropped trousers, and regular sweaters.

To date, there are such varieties of derby:

buck derbies are made of nubuck or suede, preferably in cherry or tan shades, complemented by rubber or crepe soles;
derby captures are distinguished by a “socket”, which is sewn from two halves, and the seam itself is brought out to the toe;
quarter bores are a type of capture with distinct stitching on the toe, heel, and sides;
semi brogue is another type of capture, which is distinguished by the presence of a medallion pattern in the toe of the shoe and perforated stitching;
the motor has a raised seam that stretches from the upper outer part to the toe of the product, therefore they look like moccasins;
the plant is a derby made from a single piece of material, without any additional decor;
longwings have characteristic stripes like wings from the toe to the back;
punch cap is a type of capture with a perforated toe;
splitters are distinguished by a seam that runs through the vamp and sidewall, thereby separating the toe.
Separately, it is worth noting that splitters have several varieties:

Algonquin – has an internal flat seam;
Norwegian – have an external protruding seam;
stitch cap – made of polished leather and have two seams on the toe;
saddle derbies are distinguished by the presence of inserts of a different color on the sidewalls;

v-fronts have drawstrings on the sidewalls that pull them together in a V-shape.


Jackbuts are a type of military boots that have become quite popular and in demand among ordinary people. To date, jackboots have been significantly modernized and improved, due to which they have become an integral part of many stylish, feminine autumn-spring looks.

A distinctive feature is the presence of a highly rigid top, a thick tread sole, and high lacing throughout the top. Jackboots fit perfectly into most modern stylish looks with outerwear for spring and autumn.


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