5 Alternatives of MoneyLion :That’s Works In 2022


 This article reviews apps such as MoneyLion and MoneyLion Plus, which are subscription services for MoneyLion users that were launched in 2018. We’ve reviewed MoneyLion and are now suggesting similar apps that will help you compare your options.

We like the MoneyLion Plus and MoneyLion Plus features, but we also know that there are many other cash advance apps available.

Continue reading to learn about seven more cash advance apps, apps like MoneyLion.

#1 Go2Bank – Full-powered banking right from your smartphone

Go2Bank, a mobile bank account that offers a variety of tools and protections to help you manage money, including overdraft protection up to $200. You can download the Go2Bank app for free and open a bank account within minutes. There is no credit check or minimum balance required.

You can unlock valuable benefits by setting up a Go2Bank qualifying direct deposit.

  • Purchases made with your Go2Bank Visa Debit Card are eligible for up to $200 in Overdraft Protection .Overdrafts less than $5 are free. You have a 24-hour grace period to replenish your account and avoid any overdraft fees.
  • Access your paycheck up until two days before 2 (or for government benefits checks like Social Security, four days prior 2) free of charge
  • Monthly fee waived

Go2Bank offers overdraft protection up to $200

#2 PockBox app: Comparison shop loans up to $2,500

Pockbox, an online lender app, allows you to borrow a higher amount than MoneyLion but less than CashUSA.

PockBox allows you to get approval for amounts as low at $100 or as high as $2,500 in just a matter of minutes. The app is not as integrated as MoneyLion, which requires that you connect your bank account. There are no monthly subscriptions for Pockbox. You can only use it as a loan and make repayments.

Although you may be approved quickly, it is important to read the terms and the APR. You can start the approval process by clicking here

#3 Chime SpotMe: Up to $200 in fee free overdrafts

Chime, like MoneyLion is a simple and easy financial app that allows you to manage and access your money. SpotMe allows you to shop online using a debit card. You can also overdraft your account without any fees. Limits start at $20, but can be increased to $200. 

Here’s a SpotMe example to show you how it can help you get the cash you need, without paying excessive overdraft fees

SpotMe does not have high overdraft limits. However, it will show you how much money you can spend in the app. This will help you avoid unnecessary fees and embarrassing situations when transactions are declined. You don’t need to complete a loan application and can access $20 in overdrafts immediately. This can help you avoid the annoying fees banks charge for overdrawing by a few dollars. And you can increase your limit over time.

The best thing? Signing up is fast and simple (in less than 2 minutes).

#4 Earnin App – Up to $500 in no interest, no-fee cash advances

Earnin is a popular app for payday advances. You can receive up to $100 cash in a matter of minutes, and there are no fees or interest.

Download the Earnin app and connect it to your bank account. You will also need information about your employer. With just a few clicks, you can access your pay check early. Earnin can advance up to $100 per hour and up to $500 per pay period. Your next paycheck will automatically repay the advance. It’s especially useful for gig workers. If you deliver or drive for Uber, Lyft, or Door Dash, Earnin is a great option!

Earnin is loved by many people because it’s free and doesn’t charge any monthly fees or interest rates. Earnin is similar in many ways to MoneyLion, but it only requires voluntary tips. If you’re working and are comfortable with uploading timesheets, Earnin can be compared to MoneyLion Plus. Earnin is cheaper than MoneyLion because you don’t have to upload your timesheet in order to receive a cash advance.

#5 Avant app

Avant App allows you to borrow as little as $2,000 and as much as $35,000 at a very low rate. The maximum annual percentage rate (APR), is 36%.

It takes just 5 minutes to complete the application. Avant is not a cash advance application like MoneyLion, but a lender. Avant does not charge monthly fees for borrowing (like MoneyLion Plus). You will only have to make the monthly payments.

Avant is a trusted lender in the U.S., having issued over $3 billion in loans to date. Access to fast credit and management of loans through Avant can all be done online.

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