Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Hand Dryers


Every device we use either for either personal or commercial use comes with a set of pros and cons. The same goes for the use of electric hand dryers. We can all agree that electric hand dryers are a useful gadget and we don’t shy away from using them whenever we can. Nevertheless, there are also those who would still reach out for a paper towel, even if they have a hand dryer installed on the wall. Whether you’re a team hand dryer or a team paper towel, we’ll outline both the pros and cons of electric hand dryers. 

Pro – Environmentally friendly

First of all, the main reason facilities choose electric hand dryers is to eliminate the use of paper towels. While electric hand dryers use electric energy to quickly dry a pair of hands, paper towels aren’t as quick or environmentally friendly. Used paper towels have to be put away in designated bins and they should be emptied out often and refilled quite regularly. Furthermore, paper towels contribute to creating more and more waste. So, if you want to reduce your waste and become more eco-friendly, switch to electric hand dryers. 

Con  – They can break down

The con of using electric hand dryers only is that they need maintenance, especially if they break down. If they unexpectedly break down, you’ll have to switch to paper towels until the maintenance team arrives to fix the problem. Even if it’s a minor problem that can be resolved in 15 minutes, you’ll still need to give people a way to dry their hands. So, the disadvantage of using electric hand dryers is that these are still electric devices that can break down unexpectedly. 

Pro – Cost effective

Next on the list of pros of using and having electric hand dryers is their cost-effectiveness. You’ll have to make an initial investment and carefully choose a range of reliable hand dryers for your facility. The reason why the initial investment might be costly is that you need to ensure that you’ve chosen the quality device that will be cost-effective in the long run. You’ll no longer have to think about piles and piles of paper towels you always have to have. Not only that, you won’t have to anticipate when there might be a time you’ll need more paper towels than you usually do. 

Con – Regular maintenance is required

Even though electric hand dryers will save you money in the long run, you’ll still have to pay for their maintenance. Regular maintenance is advised if you want them to serve you well and last a long time. In addition to this, sometimes you’ll have to pay for immediate and emergency repairs, especially if it breaks down during the high traffic hours at your facility. 

Pro – Reduced carbon footprint

Companies, offices and public facilities are more and more conscious of emissions and how they can reduce their carbon footprint. One of the ways to reduce or lower the carbon footprint is to switch to electric hand dryers. Going from paper towels to electric hand dryers can be seen as a more sustainable choice. The production of paper towels, product packaging, and delivery to the door further increase the carbon footprint. Thus, by decreasing the use of paper towels and allowing people to air dry their hands, businesses will have a lower rate of carbon footprint

Con – Some people can’t stand the noise

Even though this can be a misconception, we’ll list it as one of the cons. The latest models of electric hand dryers are very fast and less noisy, so they won’t contribute to noise pollution. But, some people might still find them distracting because the noise is too loud. However, this can be perceived as a disadvantage for places like universities, libraries or others where silence is preferred over loud noises. But, this can be perceived as a characteristic of older electric hand dryer models. 


We’ve discussed three major advantages of electric hand dryers, but we’ve also outlined three major disadvantages. Whether you’ll view advantages as proof that your making the right decision, or view disadvantages the same way is up to you. In the end, it’s about making the right choice that serves your business and the people working there.


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