A Detailed Discussion on Open and Close Offices


Office of any type, open or closed, is such a place where we have to spend our majority of the day. Every business is different and has different requirements. Some have open spaces and some have closed spaces. Yet it depends on the space of the office.

Many factors are included while choosing the space and which type of office you want for your office.

If you are the one who is thinking about how to make the setup of your office, this article will help you in choosing the office layout.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the different types of layouts and which type of furniture for office is best for your office.

What are open offices and closed offices?

Before starting, first have a look at the difference between an open office and a closed office.

Open Offices

An open office is such an office where there is a big hall and all employees are working in a single place. Every employee is treated individually. In the open office, all managers, employees and other staff are on a single floor and have the same space for work.

Closed Offices

In closed offices, everyone has to work individually and is assigned to a separate room. Each office is associated with a separate room and all have separate tasks.

Open and close offices space their pros and cons. It depends on the nature of the work. It depends on what is best for your team and most probably the nature of the work.

While thinking about which is best a close one or the open one, which type of office is best is one of the most difficult tasks.

As both have different pros and cons. Let us discuss them separately.

Pros and cons of open office

Open space offices are very popular among other creative businesses. There are no walls, separators or any other thing in the open space. All employees have to work while sitting together. All employees have to work in a large space next to their colleagues.

Advantages of open space office

Open space offices have the following advantages.

·         Accessibility

Although there are designated sections for specific work tasks, all departments are freely accessible in open-plan plan offices. Working in an open-plan environment promotes innovative thinking while also allowing for maximum flexibility and encouraging open communication.

·         Cost

Open space offices are much less costly than closed offices. As in open space, you don’t require much furniture for offices. Due to the ability to fit more heads per square foot, an open-plan office is significantly more cost-effective than a closed office space.

·         Collaboration

One of the biggest advantages of an open-plan office is that there is an energetic working environment where everyone can work together side by side. There are many chances for personal grooming as well. Every one can easily collaborate.

Disadvantages of open space offices

As there are pros and cons to everything. On one side if an open space has many advantages on the other side there are many disadvantages as well. Some top disadvantages of open space offices are as follows.

More chances of illness

One of the biggest disadvantages of open space working is that there is more chance of illness. In an open space if you are sitting next to each other the virus may separate fastly and there is a high risk of many employees off together.


While working in an open space if senior personalities are working together they might have their point of view. There might be clashes. People have their opinions and it creates a disturbance in the environment.


When working in an open space the environment becomes noisy. Employees when starting gossip with each other it creates a disturbance. Noise is one of the major issues in an open space working environment. It affects employee productivity especially when you need a quiet and silent environment to do work.

Now let us have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a close space working environment.

Close Space working environment

Before discussing the disadvantages first look at the advantages of close space.

Advantages of close office space

Productivity improvement

In a closed space, employees have more chances to improve the productivity of their tasks with a good outcome. As there is no distraction in their working area.


Privacy is one of the most important factors in closed office space. It is necessary to have a private room for the employees.

An Established Hierarchy

The fact that closed office spaces show the company hierarchy based on where employees are working is another major benefit of these settings. For instance, supervisors are likely to have a separate office booth from the rest of the employees.


In conclusion, open space and closed spaces have their pros and cons. All depends on the company’s requirements and which type of company it is. Office furniture outlet is one of the best furniture for purchasing second-hand office chairs and used storage cabinets and other office items for the company.









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