8 Signs Your Website Needs To Be Redesigned To Generate Sales 


In today’s digital world, your company’s website is the very first impression that potential customers will have of your business. Acting as your most powerful marketing tool, this is the initial place they will inevitably visit to get details about your products and services and, ultimately, determine whether they want to do business with your organization. 

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A reactive, mobile-friendly website with a modern design is primary to any digital marketing strategy. No matter the marketing tactics your business has in place, the ultimate objective will likely be the same: to get visitors to revisit your website. 

As the world of website development is a fast-evolving space, it is crucial to employ frequent site maintenance and re-assess your website’s functionality, design, and content every few years.  

This will assist your business stay relevant with the latest best practices and avoiding any poor performance or unexpected issues that inevitably result from an outdated site. Below are signs that your website needs to get redesigned. 

  1. Your Website is Not Mobile Friendly

As of 2021, 56%-58% of global website traffic is generated from a mobile device, meaning the immense majority of individuals who visit your website will do so on their phones instead of desktops or computers. 

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A friendly mobile website automatically changes its layout to adapt to the device using it, ensuring a great user experience. It includes adequate space for tap targets, no horizontal scrolling, and readable text that does not require zoom. 

If your site is not mobile-friendly, poor user experience and expectations for most of your website traffic would be poor. Still, it also limits the number of potential customers who can find and navigate your website. 

  1. Your Website Has a High Bounce Rate

In site analytics, the term bounce refers to a single-page session on a site. A bounce rate is a percentage derived from dividing the number of single-page sessions by the number of total sessions available on your site.  

Rocket Fuel’s average website bounce rate is between 40-55%. This is very crucial when inspecting your website. Suppose your website has a bounce rate of 56 % or greater. In that case, this could mean that users are experiencing technical errors, finding your website challenging to navigate, or that your website features low-quality content from an SEO viewpoint. 

A high bounce rate is alarming as it could reveal that visitors are quitting your site and heading to a competitor to get the service they desire. You can hire a Marketing Cloud Consulting Company who has knowledge of product utilization and can advise on generating traffic. 

  1. Your Website Has Broken Links

Broken links are detrimental to your website’s overall user experience and negatively impact your SEO. To inspect your website’s broken links, you can use the software. It will show whether your site contains broken links that negatively impact user experience. 

  1. Your Website Doesn’t Match Your Brand

If your website no longer corresponds to your company’s brand, it is time to redesign. With users deciding to stay or leave a site quickly, it is essential to confirm that your brand shines on every page. 

From the logo to the font applied, every detail of your website must adequately reflect your brand, the services you provide, and your company’s mission. 

  1. Your Website is Difficult to Navigate

Navigation can affect every detail of your website’s performance, from its overall user experience, search engine ranking, and bounce rate. When customers visit your website, they should easily find specific pieces of content. If navigating your website is challenging or confusing, viewers will be less sure to stay on your website and not continue interacting with your business. 

  1. It is Difficult to Make Updates

You do not need to be a website developer to create straightforward content or design updates to your website, such as changing a product description or adding a blog post. Suppose your website gets built on a challenging platform; it will require assistance from a third-party vendor to make even the most uncomplicated updates making it challenging to manage. In that case, it is time to consider a new website: an easy-to-use content management system. 

  1. Your Website Isn’t Optimized for SEO

To make your website move up in the search results, you must perform on-page search engine optimization across your website. This improves your website traffic quantity and quality, eventually leading to frequent site visitors and allowing your business to get a higher search engine ranking. 

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  1. Your Website is Slow to Load

Today’s website users fully expect a fast user experience, which implies it is essential for your website to load nearly immediately. Google did a study that shows that 53% of visitors abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. 


Don’t make the switch just yet if you are beginning to realize that your business is due for a new redesign. There are a series of tasks you will want to do before redesigning your site. Talk to your design and marketing team to properly analyze and determine the proper steps before your big launch. 



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