8 New Spiritual Trends to Try Online


Whether you’re trying to find a new purpose in life, or you just feel like getting a little more in touch with your spiritual side, there are a tonne of ways you can do this online today. We’ve been taking a look at some of the key spiritual trends happening at the moment and how you can take part from the comfort of your own home.

Take a look below to find 8 ways you can become more spiritual online today.

Horoscopes and Birth Charts

Some people believe in them, and some people don’t, but learning more about your horoscope, star sign, and full birth chart may help to give you some more insight into who you are as a person and why.

A full birth chart takes your time, date, and place of birth into account and shows you how the planets were aligned throughout the constellations. Each alignment can show a different personality trait and could impact how you move through life.

There are many apps and websites where you can input your data and receive a full birth chart with interpretation for free today.

Live Online Psychic Readings

If you’ve never been to a psychic, this is your sign to try it. There are many companies now offering online readings, like Meet Your Psychic, which makes the whole thing even more accessible.

Many frequent psychic users have found the experience of a reading to be cathartic. They claim it has helped them to feel more positive, feel like they have a purpose in life, and has given them the motivation they needed to move forward.

Online Tarot Readings

Tarot readings can be hugely beneficial to your spirituality. Whether it’s a full reading or just a quick card pick, you’ll find that the cards you’re given are reflective of your life, now and in the future. 

In a similar way to psychic readings, a tarot card reading could help you get the boost you need to move ahead with your life.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is an incredibly spiritual practice that focuses on the breath and the movement of the body. There are many different styles, from the popular and most recognisable Hatha Yoga style to the intense and vigorous Ashtanga style and the slow but powerful Yin Yoga style.

Yoga is a mindful practice that helps to get you moving as well as bringing you back to the present. There are tonnes of YouTube yoga sessions to try, as well as apps with different styles that you can subscribe to.

Join an Online Séance

Ever wanted to commune with those no longer with us? Online séances are growing in popularity and work in a similar way to the physical in-person ones. Each person is allowed to communicate with one spirit, and it usually happens over a livestreaming platform, like Zoom.

Learn About Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an incredibly useful tool and can help you to feel much more at peace. While it is less about spirituality, it can give you the space you need in your brain to focus on becoming more spiritual.

From grounding techniques that help you to move into the present to gratitude, there are many different mindfulness strategies to learn about and use. They’re great for anxiety, stress, and any time you feel overwhelmed.

Join a Breathwork Class

Breathwork goes hand-in-hand with yoga and mindfulness. It is the practice of using the breath to improve your mental state. There are techniques for energy, focus, anxiety, and many more.

Breathwork is growing in popularity and many practitioners now offer online sessions that you can join to learn more.

Guided Meditation Workshops

Lastly, meditation is one of the most spiritual practices you can add to your daily routine. Meditation has you clear your mind and focus on the present. It is about learning to deal with intrusive or negative thoughts and pulling your mind back to the now.

As with breathwork, you’ll find many guided meditation sessions online to try out.


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