Before you invest hundreds of dollars for the jogging stroller you want. Check out these 7 things to consider When buying an exercise Stroller.

I’d like to share some ways to select the Best Jogging stroller that is right for you. I’ve read numerous reviews and articles, and, as well, “test drove” several before settling on a final. If you’re like me you’ll be using your stroller for jogging at least three times per week to do your cardio, and perhaps even on occasion at a local event or fair.

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7 Things to Consider When Buying for a Jogging Stroller

1. Determine Your Strollers Function

What do you intend to use in your stroller? Will it be used for running? Or do you need something for your bike or cross-country skis?

When the stroller you are considering is designed solely for running. Then you should consider one that is jogging like that of the BOB Revolution or the Baby Jogger FIT.

2. Fixed Wheel Versus. Swivel Wheel

This is your primary consideration when you are deciding the type of stroller to purchase. Never use an infant stroller that does not come with a fixed wheel or a mechanism that allows the wheel is locked into a fixed position. This is extremely dangerous and could end up harming your child. Strollers with swivel wheels have been designed for strolling and walking.

3. The Frequency of Use

The frequency you utilize your Special Needs Jogging Stroller will determine the type of stroller. You’ll require (and probably it will determine the amount you spend on the stroller). If you’re an avid runner who plans to take your children on long-distance jogging trips, you’ll require a sturdy stroller specially designed for this purpose. Strollers like the Mountain Bike Terrain might be better for the needs of. On the other hand, should you be planning to utilize your stroller on days? When you aren’t able to get to the gym to perform your workout, you could opt for a more fitness-focused model. Like Kolcraft’s Kolcraft Sprint Pro Jogging Stroller.

4. Storage Space

If you’re short on space within your home or intend to take the stroller in a smaller car it is important to make sure that your stroller folds. If not then you must locate a location for it to be fully assembled at home. And also have an automobile like an SUV that can transport the stroller.

5. Handlebar Height

Since I’m a little small (5’2″) Since I am 5’2″, I am very attentive to this issue! My husband is higher part (6’2″) and, therefore. When he and I are both in the stroller we’ll need to figure out an appropriate height for us both or choose a stroller that has an adjustable handle.

6. Child Positioning

This is something that you cannot afford not to look at! Start by thinking about what your children like. Do they prefer taking nap in the car or stroller? Do they prefer jogging? Do they require cups or a belly bar for them to grasp onto so that they can look comfortably out the stroller? Finding a stroller with various positions. That range from upright to reclining might be the best choice. If you intend to use the stroller for a stroll before the 6 month birthday of your child I would suggest searching for a model that lets you attach an infant seat to the stroller. Remember: Don’t walk without an infant seat!

7. Brake vs. Brake vs. Brake

Do you prefer an area with hills as I do? Your stroller must include a tether strap you wear, however in the event that, along your regular route, you have to go through a lot of downhills, I’d recommend the use of a brake. The force of the moment can be intense especially when you’re pushing 50+ lbs of the jogging stroller and your child!

Be aware that most pediatricians, and manufacturers of strollers jog. Recommend not to exercise with your child until six months old.


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