6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Install An Air Conditioner By Yourself

Air Conditioner By Yourself

A properly functioning and cooling AC is crucial to your comfort, whether you’re at home, your office, a supermarket, or even at a private country club and especially if it’s blistering hot outside.

But many people, after spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a new AC unit, don’t feel like spending any more installation services. They would prefer to do it themselves.

While it may seem like a good option at first, you’ll start to see why you should have left the job to the professionals. Here are five major reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your AC installation.

Incorrectly Installed Unit

There is a specific way to install every air conditioner, most are set in the same way while some companies have their own systems. But generally, AC installation professionals are fitted to handle all sorts of units.

If you fail to successfully install the AC unit in the right way, without the proper equipment and knowledge, it will most likely lead to a much higher electric bill and a poorly functioning air conditioner.

Voided Warranty

All new ACs come with a manufacturer’s warranty that provides free repairs up to a certain time and under the conditions they set.

While the coverage and requirements may vary from company to company, most of them state that the AC needs to be installed and air conditioning repairs need to be handled by a licensed professional.

Lack of Proper Equipment

Air conditioners have delicate parts that require a knowledgeable individual with the skills and necessary tools to install them. Attempting to do it without any prior experience might cause damage to the equipment in it and expose the system to premature repairs.

HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are especially complicated so if you aren’t licensed, it’s suggested that you shouldn’t install them yourself. Hiring a professional to do the job will greatly reduce the chances of you having to repair your AC any time soon.

Poorly Set Drainage System

Implementing an improper drainage system is one of the most common problems that occur when installing an air conditioner. While an air conditioner is operating, it produces quite a large amount of moisture. If it isn’t filtered away properly, it causes water damage to the unit and everything in its surroundings including your walls and floors.

Countless homes worldwide suffer due to this simple mistake. Professionals are aware of this issue and they ensure the drainage system is set properly.

Improperly Sealed Ductwork

Another fairly common air conditioner installation mistake is incorrectly sealing the ductwork. There should not be any cracks in your ductwork at all and all open spaces should be sealed with a permanent sealer, not ordinary tape as it isn’t a permanent solution.

Improperly sealing the ducts will significantly affect your unit’s efficiency and let forced air seep out of the ducts.

Safety Risks

Even if you believe you have the necessary skills to install an AC by yourself, one major reason to consider otherwise is the safety risks involved. All HVAC systems are made with electricity and chemicals that, if not dealt with properly, could cause serious damage to you and the people around you.

There are chances of getting electrocuted when handling the wire work and the same can be said about the chemicals, which should not be handled by untrained hands.