6 Common Characteristics Of the Top 250 YouTube Channels


If you’re looking to succeed on YouTube, you should think through your strategy thoroughly. In July of last year, the online marketplace for market analysis Statistic released an exciting finding in their data. According to their study, YouTube ranks second among social networks based on users.

Due to the increasing importance of YouTube with the rise of YouTube, we have decided to look at the top 250 channels to understand what makes them successful. You can also buy subscribers, likes, and free comments on YouTube to increase the popularity of your channel. Go Viral is offering all of these mentioned services. Here are the six most common traits of the 250 most popular YouTube channels to be aware of.

What Are YouTube’s Top Popular Languages?

Because YouTube is an online platform that has international appeal, the native language of your content is a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. We examined the wording of the most popular 250 YouTube channels and discovered that 66 percent of the content could be found in English, with 22% of the content in Spanish and Portuguese. In the end, English content seems to be the most popular, with Spanish and Portuguese being third and second.

This is why you could consider producing English, Spanish or Portuguese content to benefit from YouTube’s international appeal. However, there could be some exceptions. You can observe from the graph above 6 of the top 250 YouTube channels were Korean channels. Given the sheer size of the Korean people, it’s not astonishing to see that only six Korean media made it into the list of top 250 YouTube Channels.

Who are YouTube’s Target Viewers?

YouTube’s viewers can be distinguished by gender and age. The table below illustrates that the average audience age of YouTube viewers is relatively young. 50% of people who watch YouTube are aged between 25 and forty-four. In terms of the gender of viewers, the percentage of male users is more significant than female viewers. So, it can be conclusively concluded that videos that appeal to male viewers aged 25 and 44 are top-rated on YouTube.

What are YouTube’s most popular categories?

“Entertainment” is a category that includes “Entertainment” category comprises channels classified as entertainment programs. The class covers content like talk shows broadcast by multiple companies or YouTube creators (Shane Dawson, Jake Paul, etc.). “Music”: The “Music” category comprises individuals and the major labels. Additionally, the “People & Blog” category contains channels that could be described as Vlog-related channels.

It is noteworthy that despite the increasing popularity and demand for entertainment and Music content, the quantity of these categories is less than half the demand. However, the “People and Blogs” category is the exact opposite situation, with supply significantly more than demand.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the level of competition between channels that fall under “People and Blogs” is significantly higher than the competition in the “Entertainment” and “Music” channels in the category.

But, to make long-lasting and well-known content, it is crucial to concentrate on videos that are in constant demand no matter the duration. The content you choose to make is, for instance, how-to videos or reviews of products. While you need to look at the competition within the field that you’re trying to reach, it’s crucial to consider the longevity and longevity of the content.

How is the Number of Subscribers Distributed?

Unlike traditional mass media, which creates content that appeals to people of all ages, YouTube has more of an on-demand strategy. Because of this, viewers can watch content customized to their particular preferences. In turn, the channels are subject-specific, leading to a more excellent distribution of subscribers to the vast majority of popular media.

What is the ideal length for a YouTube Video?

An underlying pattern in the length of well-known YouTube content can be observed. The study showed that YouTube videos with over 10 minutes but less than 16 minutes gained more likes from viewers. Also, small videos with a length of between 10 and 16 minutes are most liked on YouTube.

Are likes, comments, and shares important?

There are three kinds of interaction between users on YouTube videos: Likes Comments, and Shares. Backlinko looked at 1.3 million YouTube videos and revealed that user interactions play a significant impact on the rankings of YouTube videos.

  • Likes: The quantity of likes is a significant factor in YouTube rank.
  • Comment: Comments are in a direct connection with YouTube ranking. The quantity of words boosts the ranking.
  • Sharing: The amount a video is shared has a significant impact on YouTube rank. The videos that show up at the top of YouTube have higher share numbers than other videos.

Thus, channels concentrating on topics that increase viewer engagement tend to be ranked higher.

What are the 6 traits of The Most Popular Channels?

We came up with six common traits of the most popular YouTube channels from the above data. These shared traits are:

  • Global Attraction: Contents with low language/cultural barriers, with the most popular language being English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  • The target audience is relatively young content appealing to the demographic with the highest audience (25-44).
  • Theme-based: Contents specific to certain themes or areas.
  • LONG-LASTING: The content is in ongoing demand, regardless of time.
  • Very Short Content: Content that shorter than 16 minutes.
  • Interactivity: Content related to topics can trigger interaction with the audience.

Create Your Strategy

If you’re looking to become successful on YouTube, you must develop a strategy that matches your content. With these six traits of the top YouTube channels in your mind, you can create your plan to grow your channel.

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