6 Chic Bedroom Styling Ideas for Teenage Girls

Bedroom Styling Ideas

Living in a big family means no personal space – whatsoever. Especially for the kids entering teenagehood, they feel the need to have their own space, to relax, enjoy a good book, or even to study. The high expenses and limited available space in a large family mean you need to do share the bedroom with your siblings.  

It’s alright for a while. But once your kids start to outgrow the “sharing-one-bedroom-age” you need to buy a new home. With time you can invest in the best housing schemes like citi housing society in Multan where you will have the chance to fulfill a basic need as that of having a personal space for a teenager. 

Or maybe you already invested in a home with big enough space for a teenager to have a separate bedroom? If yes, then you need to follow these tips to start the decor for a teenager’s bedroom. 

1- Choose The Lighting

The type of lights installed reflects the mood of a teenager. Surprised to learn this? Knowing this, a teenage girl prefers to have colorful lighting in the room instead of the traditional white lights. For instance, twinkle lights are a colorful and creative addition along with the curtains, over the bed frame, or whoever you please to install them! 

These lights are highly popular from TikTok and easily available online too. Some even say it helps to relieve stress. Or you can choose lights with strings to hang photos and light them p by plugging the switch. 

2- Pick A Bedding 

What would a teen prefer – an ornate redwood bed or a cozy bed that screams teenage dreams? It’s preferred to use softer tones in bed furniture. For instance, white bedding, natural wood color are popular among teenage girls because it makes the room give a spacious feel and the rooms look alive. 

Besides, choose the pillow set carefully. Especially if your teenage daughter is a pet person, she would also need to add a cat or dog pillow in her room. 

3- Find The Best Seating 

Besides the bed, a comfy chair will be the teenager’s go-to space. She can cozy up in her purple swirling chair for a cup of coffee or watch Friends marathon comfortably. 

Another cool option is the saucer chair! These are super comfy with leg space for curling up and can also be placed nearby the window or at the study desk. These types of chairs are sturdy and comfortable for teenagers. 

4- Pick Wall Posters 

Not all teenage girls are into wall posters, but those who are can enjoy looking at their favorite posters hung up on the bedroom wall. From movie posters to singers and favorite celebs, teenagers are known to have crushes on popular celebrities they take a liking to. 

Hanging a wall poster brings the color and aesthetic sense of the teenager too. Even if your teenage daughter isn’t interested in movie posters, hang a DIY project wall poster to pop up some colors! 

5- Select Accent Pieces 

The decor is incomplete without the accent pieces! Girls love to put new bedroom items in their rooms, whether it’s a cosmetic brush holder or a wall-size mirror, you have plenty of options to choose from. For instance, you can also put tabletop plants that are easy to manage without sunlight and little water. 

Plus, spread a rug, why don’t you! Handmade crafts are always a good option to go with. You can go to a backyard sale and buy one within a low budget. Or better yet, you can shop online to find convenient options. 

6- Wall Paint Is A Must 

Wall colors bring a certain appeal to the room. Each teenager is different. Some are loud, some are introverts or a combination of both. Use the colors on walls with patterns and stencils that best meet the personality of the occupant of the room. 

You can opt to decorate the new room with splashy aqua colors and create a theme around it. Or you can paint a wall specific color, instead of color-coding each wall. 

Do you see now? There’s much you can do with a teenage girl’s bedroom. Do you have any other brilliant ideas to share? Comment below!


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