6 Best Websites You Can Watch Tamil Movies Online For Free

6 Best Websites You Can Watch Tamil Movies Online For Free

Are you a fan of Tamil movies that can be viewed online? In India, the majority of users prefer to watch Tamil movies online, even if they do not understand the Tamil language. You’ll be glad to know that you can now easily watch your favorite Tamil movies online in the best high definition quality without paying a single penny. Yes, there are several fantastic online streaming websites where you can watch your favorite Tamil movies without any difficulty and for free.

Here we will provide you with a list of some of the best websites where you can watch your favorite Tamil movies without any complications and for free.


Hotstar is a premium video streaming platform, but you can access some media content with a free account. If you’re willing to spend some money, it can be a one-stop shop for you. You can watch all channel TV shows, sports, and movies right here. It also allows you to view live news.

All Tamil and South Indian movies can be found in the Tamil section. The word Premium is associated with premium movies. Hotstar does not have a filter feature. As a result, finding your desired movie may take some time. In case you are down with your app, you can easily download the latest version with Applob anytime on your device. 

TV shows are classified according to their broadcasting channel. You can watch movies in Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, English, and other languages here. Hotstar is very easy to use.


Metareel is another Tamil movie website with a large collection of Tamil films. You can also rent or buy something online. Rather than keeping open links from the server, this site is linked to various video streaming sites such as Zee5, Youtube, Jio, PrimeVideo, Hotstar, iTunes, Eros Now, and many more.

Because it focuses on Tamil films and almost all films in a different genre, it is easier to find movies. According to the site’s interface, it is simple and straightforward. There is also a floating bar that allows you to easily sort the most popular and most used movies.


If you enjoy watching new Tamil movies online, you will enjoy YoMovies. YoMovies is a movie website similar to Pikashow. It has a large collection of Tamil movies that you can watch without having to create an account. YoMovies not only allows you to watch Tamil movies, but you can also watch full-length Bollywood movies, Telugu movies, South Indian Dubbed movies, Punjabi movies, and Hollywood movies online for free.

You don’t even need to remember any other names when watching TV shows. In a nutshell, it is your best friend because no matter what you want to watch, you can find it here with faster streaming. However, in the case of newly released movies, the movie performance will not be as decent as on other Tamil movie websites.


You’ve probably seen this site around the web a lot, and it’s quite popular. Aside from YouTube, this is also a haven for movies, documentaries, and other random videos you might come across online.

In comparison to the other sites reviewed, the video quality is a little low. Although it has a large video library, the video quality is something you should expect. Because it is a community where you can share and upload videos, the quality varies depending on how and what type of video was uploaded. Even if you have a more stable connection, there is no way to change it. Even if you have a more stable connection, there is no way to change it.


Another well-known name among Tamil filmgoers is Booly2Tolly. Bolly2Tolly lets you watch movies in Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, and Kannada all in one place. Bolly2Tolly has a TV show collection, but it is not as large as it could be.

If you want to watch new Tamil movies online in high quality but can’t find them on Bolly2Tolly, you can request that they be uploaded. Short movies can be found here using filters such as Years, Directors, Cast, Quality, and Languages, among others. When you hover over a movie image, you can learn more about it, such as its rating, plot, cast, director, genre, and so on. If you have any questions, go to their FAQ section.


The most popular video streaming website, as well as a good source of Tamil movies. Because of its large community, it is regarded as one of the best Tamil movies to watch online. People all over the world can share their personal as well as college dorm party videos by uploading them and having them seen by people all over the world. Going back, you can be sure that there will be a section for Tamil movies. All you have to do is type Tamil movies into the search bar. This website is also frequently seen on various social media networking sites. If we are to ask, watching Tamil movies is a fantastic option.


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