6 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for Everyone

6 Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for Everyone

If you’re using Instagram to promote your ecommerce business, you’re probably well aware of the changes the platform has undergone over the years. Remember when it was truly a chronological feed of only still photos – with No adverts? Much has changed for the platform, which now has over a billion monthly active users. We now have videos, Instagram Stories, paid advertisements, and even IGTV. And with it, apps such as Instagram video editor apps.

Best Instagram Video Editing Apps for Everyone

That’s why it’s critical to include a variety of content types in your Instagram marketing strategy, including videos – especially given that more than half of consumers want to see brands produce more video content for them to consume.

However, it is not as simple as simply shooting and posting. You should also edit your clips. Check out this list of the top Instagram video editors for ecommerce brands to get started. Don’t sit around waiting for someone else to do it. Hire yourself and start making decisions. Find the best Instagram video editing apps right here.


GoPro’s Quik app is a video editing app. If you own a GoPro, you’re probably familiar with Quik, which is the app where you can view your GoPro images and videos. However, you can import footage from anywhere, including your camera roll, to create a video on Quik. You can choose to create your own videos or let the app create them for you by gathering and combining moments while on picuki, Y2mate as well as Quick. It has a professional appearance, music, and smooth cuts and transitions.


Clips allows you to easily add fun, eye-catching built-in captions to your Reels. You’ll want to use this tool if you want to make 15-second Reels with captions that appear as you speak. Clips does an excellent job of accurately transcribing what you say.

You can customize the captions by changing the color, font, and size of your text. Clips are also useful for creating a Reel with an intro or outro message that appears at the beginning or end of a video clip.

It’s extremely simple to use and helps viewers understand what your content is about even when the sound is turned off. Not to mention that you can use this tool to add emojis, animated characters, fun stickers, and other features. If you are seeking an online student portal for California State University Long Beach students, then mycsulb is the best option for you. 

Adobe Premiere Rush 

Premiere Rush is better suited to the social-sharing aspect of creating Instagram videos. Shoot, edit, and share all within the app – while also syncing to the cloud and making your shots accessible from other Creative Cloud products. The free version limits you to three exports, but you can upgrade to unlimited shares for a fee. Trimming, color advancements, titles, transitions, voiceover, and noise reduction are among the editing options.


If you are a perfectionist and want your Reels to look flawless, professional, and high-resolution, KineMaster may be the tool for you. The tool includes everything you need to create professional-looking content, such as sound effects and the ability to record voice-overs.

With its simple drag-and-drop interface, you can use it to trim clips from a pre-recorded event or create unique animations. It also includes shape masks (for adding shapes/logos), text overlays, scene transitions, and motion graphics.


VideoShow is a fully – featured video editor that is ideal for editing Instagram videos. This tool allows you to quickly create visually stunning and engaging videos that you can share via Avple. You can use stickers, emojis, text, and other elements to captivate your audience and increase watch times. It also includes pre-made templates that you can use to create videos faster. You also get an audio extractor, 4k video exports, video splicing, and other useful features for repurposing content.

That means you can easily convert your Instagram videos into podcasts, a YouTube channel, and other video or audio-based platforms. With VideoShow, you’ll be able to get more marketing mileage out of your Instagram videos.


Anchor is the best app for creating Instagram videos from podcast audio clips. If podcasts are part of your ecommerce tactic, you can use it to record the audio, trim clips for Instagram, and turn them into videos (up to two minutes long). It will transcribe and automate your videos automatically & Google Doodle Thank You Coronavirus Helpers.


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