5 Steps to Start a Successful Sports Blog

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If you’re interested in writing about sports, then you will also likely enjoy the idea of starting a sports blog. While the idea of having a fun blog project to work out sounds great, the idea of starting one from scratch can seem quite daunting. The good news is, it’s actually quite simple.

Today we are going to break down the process into five simple steps, which cover the basics of starting a sports blog, choosing a theme, building an email list, and writing epic posts. The next part of this guide will cover how to promote your blog in an engaging way. Once you’ve started your blog, it’s time to start promoting it. 

No matter if this is going to be your first blog or your hundredth, the simple process of launching a WordPress site and understanding how to promote it, is a winning formula time and time again. Let’s get started!

1 – Pick a niche for your sports blog

Choosing a niche for a sports-themed blog can be difficult, but there are a few tips you can follow to make it successful. For starters, sports is a popular topic, so it would be best to zone in on just one sport, or team, or even a specific player. With this in mind, you can blog about a particular sport, favorite team, or even individual sport techniques. Google Trends shows that sports interest is consistent, so your blog topic will definitely be relevant. 

While you might be able to get away with writing about any sport, you might want to choose something you are passionate about. For example, if you enjoy watching pro wrestling, you might want to consider blogging about your favorite wrestler.

There is no shortage of information about professional wrestling, so you could focus on your favorite superstars in this genre. Also, motorsports include auto-car and motorcycle racing. NASCAR is the largest motorsports organization in the US, and it is the second-most-watched sport in the region.

2 – Choosing a professional-looking theme

There are numerous features to look for when choosing a sports blog theme. You should select a sports blog theme that offers mobile responsiveness, exceptional speed, and beautiful designs. If you’re planning to create a sports blog, you can choose one with extensive customization options, including the ability to add your own branding and design ideas. In addition, look for a theme with multiple page templates. Publish the most important pages on your sports blog to assist your audience.

If you’re passionate about baseball, you can choose a theme based on the major leagues, college ball, or even a local team. Whatever sport you choose, be sure to incorporate a niche topic in your posts, such as the history of baseball, current trends, and league news. In addition, consider your expertise, as this will increase your chances of earning money through your blog. For example, if you’re a fan of the Washington Nationals, choose a theme related to that team.

4 – Building an email list or newsletter

If you want to create a loyal following for your sports blog, building an email list is the way to go. This is because when a person signs up to receive your updates, they are already expressing their interest in your content. Moreover, people who are on your email list are more likely to open your newsletters. To further increase your readership, you can also promote your sports events by including social sharing buttons in your newsletters.

Email subscribers are more likely to opt-in to your list if you offer them something of value. Make sure to provide them with valuable content, as well as make it easy for them to sign up for your list. Remember that people don’t want to waste their time logging in to sign up for your email list. Instead, make them as excited as you are to hear from them. Make your email subscribers happy by giving them an exclusive offer.

5 – Writing epic posts that people love

The key to writing an epic post is to make sure you are passionate about the subject you’re covering. It’s important to make your posts memorable, and this can be done by interviewing sports influencers or by leveraging the power of social media. By writing epic content, not only will this allow your audience to have a wonderful site experience, it can also help with your site rankings as well.

In addition to interviews, you can find other sources of inspiration and information online, such as articles by Jon Morrow or Ramit Sethi. These authors understand the importance of passion and can help you develop epic posts to start and promote a sports blog.

Epic content ideas don’t always come easily, and they are even more difficult to put on paper. Ultimately, an epic post will be a combination of many ideas that all fit together and wow readers. Epic posts are the culmination of months of research and ideas. They are the result of reading, watching documentaries, and listening to interviews. They take time to create, and will also be remembered.


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