5 Gift Ideas for Business Partners

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Surprising your business partner with a gift is always a wonderful gesture regardless of the occasion, be that their birthday, or some holiday. Choosing the appropriate present, however, can be quite a struggle.

You don’t want to get them something that would end up collecting dust in their apartment or even get thrown away. The perfect gift is something that is practical but also has a personal touch. In order to help you make the perfect choice according to your business partner’s interests, here is a list of five very different gift ideas for various kinds of business partners.

1. A delicious treat for business partners who are foodies

If you know for sure that your business partner is an avid foodie who enjoys eating sweets, you can purchase them a fancy box of chocolate. If you don’t know what kind of flavors they like, try to find out through a casual conversation before you make your choice.

That way, you can surprise them with a delicious treat that matches their taste. Keep in mind that if your business partner is vegan, you need to make sure that you get vegan sweets. Nevertheless, this is a superb gift option that is bound to satisfy their sweet tooth.

2. A wireless computer mouse for business partners who are IT enthusiasts

A wireless computer mouse can be a fantastic gift for any business partner if you notice that they don’t have a wireless mouse, and are struggling using their laptop’s touchpad. What is more, it can be even more suitable of a present if your business partner is an IT enthusiast.

Regardless, this present is extremely practical, and they will almost certainly be using it every day. If your business partner is a true tech geek, you can have a convo with them about their favorite tech brand. Then, you can buy a mouse from the brand they adore, which is surely going to be an incredible surprise for them.

3. A switchblade for business partners who enjoy camping

If you’re aiming for a less obvious gift, buying a switchblade for your business partner can be a nice surprise. If they love going camping, then this gift idea can be perfect for them. You can choose from a range of top-notch Tekto Gear automatic knives. These knives are very useful for camping, because campers need to pack light, and a switchblade is a multi-purpose tool.

For example, they can be used for cutting ropes and branches, opening cans, or digging. Another perk is the fact that they can be folded, so they are safe to carry around. This kind of present is not only practical, but it’s also unexpected, so your business partner would be in for a major surprise.

4. A bookstore gift card for business partners who are bookworms

Buying a book for your book-loving business partner may sound like the way to go, but you may run into a problem regarding what book to buy. This is much more complex than picking out the flavor of a box of chocolates. That’s because there is a high chance that you’d either buy a book they wouldn’t like, or a book they’d already read. For that reason, purchasing a gift card in a bookstore can be a far better idea. That way, they can choose whichever book they like, and the burden of having to make that difficult choice would be lifted off your shoulders.

5. A coffee gift box for business partners who are coffee lovers

There’s never enough coffee for a coffee lover, so buying a coffee gift box for your coffeeholic business partner is a sure way to pleasantly surprise them. If you know their favorite brand of coffee, but that brand doesn’t sell gift baskets, you can make one on your own. All you need is a box and their fave coffee.

You can also include cute mugs. In order to spice it up, the mugs can be custom made, and include a print of an inside joke, or something that’s personal to them. You may even buy a gift card at a popular coffee shop, such as Starbucks, and put it in the box. You can get creative and make a truly unique coffee gift set that your business partner will be blown away by.

Final thoughts

All in all, purchasing a gift for anyone can be a challenging task. When that person is your business partner, things can get even more complicated. However, if you follow your gut feeling and buy a present that reflects who your business partner is as a person, it will show them that you listen to them carefully and that you value them.

They are surely going to enjoy your personalized present, regardless of what you choose to gift them.


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