2A Hair Type: How to care of it

2A Hair

2A Hair Type: You can take the best care of your hair if you are well known for your hair type. Many people keep using hair products that are not according to their type and that’s why they don’t get the results that they expect.

So it’s necessary to know about your hair type. This article is for people with the type of 2a hair. You will get to know what type it is and how you can take care of it. So let’s see the details. 

2A Hair:

The people with this hair type have a wavy kind of hair that is neither too curly nor too straight. On the scalp, the hair is flat and really thin. As they grow they get wavier. In simple words, your hair with tousled waves has an S type of shape throughout. Hence using argan oil for hair makes it very easy to style because of its nourishing qualities. The texture of this kind of hair oil is very light. They are highly manageable among all hair types.

Best Haircare for 2A type:

Maintaining this type of hair is the same as difficult as maintaining curly hair. People with this type of hair think that washing their hair and a little push to it is enough. But that is wrong. This kind of hair gets oily too early and adheres to the head. They do not become bouncy and instead, they become frizzy. There are some ways and precautions that will help your hair to look gorgeous and will control your frizz.

1- Wavy hair get split ends early so it is advised to get your hair trimming done after every six months to keep your hair healthy.

2- You use different heat styling tools such as curler or straightener which damage your hair badly so it is better to avoid using such tools and go with your natural hair if you still want to get such hairstyles there are different creams, serums, and gels available use them before using these tools.

3- Use frizz control products that will help your hair look more vibrant.

4- Use volumizers and moisturizing masks so that your hair gives a hydrated look.

5- Adopt the habit of oiling your hair once a week.

Best Hair Products:

There are some best hair products for 2a hair care. Some of them are given below:

Blueberry bliss reparative conditioner:

        It gets absorbed in your hair easily.

        It has the smell of real blueberries.

        It repair and hydrates your hair and control your frizz.

Turbie twist microfiber:

        It strengthens your hair and controls its breakage.

        It controls your frizz.

        It absorbs moisture.

Shea moisture:

        It untwines your knots and makes your hair bouncy.

        Your all frizz gets controlled and your hair gets repaired.

        It is easy to use and affordable.

Ways to style 2a hair type:

1- Parting your hair:

Wavy hair looks super gorgeous when you part them. You can either part them from the center or from the side.

2- Highlights:

Highlighting your wavy hair is also a good option for styling it. Your wavy hair will look more versatile.

3-  Braids :

You can make braids to lift your waves. Make braids in your hair and leave them overnight. The tighter the braids the wavier your hair will look.

Things you should do and avoid for caring 2a hair: 

Things to do:

       Washing your hair with cold water maintains the shine of your hair. So always use cold water.

       Use a volumizer and diffuser to give your hair more volume.

       To avoid your hair from frizz keep them hydrated.

       Use lightweight products.

Things to avoid:

       Avoid using heat styling tools.

       Avoid using cotton pillows and instead use a silk pillowcase.

       Avoid making a bun of your hair before sleeping or when your hair is dry.


This article is devoted to people who have 2a hair types. All the care and important products for this type of hair are explained in this article. Hope you will get benefit from reading this article.

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