2022’s Top Three Branding Trends

Some Good Ideas For Business Logo Creation And Marketing

In the post-Covid era, companies are looking for more innovative ways to distinguish themselves in a highly competitive market. We look at the top three that will be around for a long time.

Bigger and Bolder Font

The expressive use of typography has become increasingly popular over the years. 2022 marks the beginning of a ‘no-fear’ approach to adopting bold text in ways that appear to ‘break the norm.’ Big, bold font, along with breaching the confines of traditional justification, results in some unusual and one-of-a-kind layouts.

It is critical that powerful grids be used with this strategy. To avoid becoming too chaotic, layouts that achieve the proper combination of disciplined and fun are essential. The Swiss grid method is a reliable choice for promoting asymmetrical font layouts. 

Use of Illustrations

Brands are striving to ensure that they stay on top by keeping their identities memorable and unique. Custom illustrations are an excellent way to incorporate a brand’s voice and persona. Illustrations produce a wide range of styles that may be tailored to any specific style that a business wishes to accomplish.

Do you want to project authenticity? This may be accomplished with loose vector or hand-drawn objects. Dropbox and Mailchimp are two excellent examples. Their personality-driven graphics are distinctive to their brand and guaranteed to leave you satisfied. On the other side of the scale, an illustration style that emphasizes 3D may provide a strong and edgy touch.

Pushing the Envelope

There are a lot of clamors out there. Standing out from the crowd is critical for companies that want to remain ahead of the competition and prosper. While the pandemic has been a drain on our collective batteries, it has also produced innovative techniques for thinking and working creatively. 

Do you want to be adventurous? There are no restrictions. You can make use of technology to your advantage. Whether it is AI, motion, or simply breaking the boundaries in terms of design and layout, you can do it. 

With a shift toward the online space, there has been an increase in opportunities for collaborations and skill exchange. This can only lead to more creative production in the future.

Wrapping Up

Now, as we wrap up, there is one crucial aspect that you can’t forget—starting with the tangible backbone of branding—your packaging.

As the world regains normalcy and people strive for better times, custom packaging and design aesthetics have evolved immensely. The year 2022 is projected to be great for packaging design trends.

With the emergence of new packaging technologies, designers’ focus has shifted from functionality to appearance as a principle of the design concept.

Awe-inspiring color, graphics, typefaces, shapes, and other design elements combine to produce exceptional product label design, which could help companies increase sales and be the highest performers in their category.



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