17 Men’s fashion tips to dress better


Dressing well is an art that takes time to master. Look at the old photos of David Beckham and the fcurrent ones. The difference is brutal, isn’t it? Nobody becomes a style icon overnight. But if you have patience and follow these 17 men’s fashion tips that we have gathered here, you can be sure that you will soon be dressing better.

Be aware of the fitness of the garment 

Many men worry only about the look of the clothes they buy and forget that the fit of the garment on the body is just as important. Never neglect this factor. Preferably, use clothes with a slim modeling, more adjusted to the body.

Dress according to the occasion 

There is an appropriate type of clothing for every place. Always remember this, and choose wisely, especially for work, because clothing even affects professional performance, according to studies.

Don’t underestimate the power of the details 

You may think that no one will notice that your shirt is underdone or that the hem of your pants is all messed up. But don’t underestimate the power of details. These small flaws can detonate a look.

Bet on the classic when you’re in diffiction 

We’ve already mentioned here on the site that the sexiest men’s look, according to women, is blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt. In other words? The classic works whenever you are in doubt.

Never use white stockings 

They are for practicing sports. The sock must match the pants, and let’s be honest, you will rarely wear white pants.

Look at the quality of the textile 

It is better to invest in quality than quantity. Fabrics made of natural fibers, such as cotton, are more comfortable and beautiful than those made of synthetic fibers, such as polyester.

Rediscover Wristwatches: Okay, you have your cell phone to check the time, but how about rediscovering wristwatches? This is an accessory that will elevate your look as a whole.

Know the combinations that work well 

This helps a lot when choosing your clothes. The “all black” combination, with all black pieces, usually works very well. So do jeans and a denim jacket. The same goes for boots and flannel shirts.

Be aware of your body shape 

That tight T-shirt on your abdomen that you saw a professional model wearing in the brand’s catalog will not look good if you are 10 kilos overweight. Be aware of your body shape (tall, short, thin, plus size) and dress accordingly. But in the long run, the best thing is to enroll in the gym and get the shape of your dreams.

Pass out the shoes 

That’s right. The men’s shoe or sapato masculino is a piece that doesn’t help the look as a whole. Better invest in a pair of shoes with more personality, such as a rustic boot, a modern shoe, or a white tennis shoe.

Be open to opinions 

Don’t be proud. Always be open to the opinions of people you consider to have good taste. Women are often great advisors. But be careful, this does not mean that you should dress to please others. It is only about listening to constructive advice.

Don’t be a school of trends 

Fashion passes, style remains, says a maxim. Nothing against being inspired by some current trends. But if you change your entire closet every season to follow everything that the fashion industry promotes, you will go broke and never have a style of your own.

Invest in timeless items 

As opposed to trends, there are some timeless pieces (like a leather jacket or a well-cut navy blue blazer) that don’t age. Have these jokers at your disposal at all times.

Have good references 

It is essential to have good references to inspire you when putting together a look. In our Instagram @modamasculina we post inspiration photos daily. Follow us there and also follow the guys you consider an example of style, like David Beckham or Ryan Reynolds, to “steal” their looks.

Donate your old dresses 

We all have those old t-shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts that bring back good memories for us. But if you want to improve your style, these clothes have no more space in your closet. Donate them as soon as possible so you won’t be tempted to wear them again.

Remember comfort 

One of the most important things to be stylish is to dress confidently. But if you are wearing uncomfortable pieces, it will affect your confidence.

Take care of the grooming 

This item is not about the clothes, but it is indispensable. If you have a bad haircut, oily skin, unkempt beard, or commit other grooming flaws, the look will be ugly regardless of the quality of the look.

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