10 Tips To Make Your Beauty Routine Eco-Friendly

Beauty Routine

Zero-waste and environmentally friendly beauty routines have been gaining popularity over the past few years, and consumers and brands alike are enthusiastically jumping on the bandwagon. Our usual beauty routines are laden with so many packaged products and chemicals, that it can get difficult for an eco-conscious consumer to maintain a completely sustainable beauty routine – hence, it is key to take small steps with gradual changes.

Below, find 10 tips that can help you map out an eco-friendly and sustainable beauty routine that takes care of both the environment and your skin:

1) Recycle all your containers

A large number of beauty products come in plastic containers, and once emptied end up in a trash bin followed by their final arrival at a landfill. However, this sad fate can be avoided by opting for either refillable options or recycling/re-purposing old containers. For example, old bottles or containers can be used as brush holders. Old shampoo bottles can be repurposed to be used as plant holders too. The possibilities are endless and armed with your creativity, you shouldn’t be afraid of getting crafty.

2) Use washable or reusable cotton pads

Cotton pads are often used to take off your makeup at the end of a busy day, and subsequently end up in the trash. However, this waste can be avoided by using reusable or washable cotton pads to take off your makeup on a daily basis. Once used, you can either throw them in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry or simply hand wash them using some good old-fashioned soap and water.

3) Find eco-friendly alternatives

Instead of purchasing your regular chemical-laden and plastic-contained beauty products, actively be on the lookout for eco-friendly beauty products. These products may either be eco-friendly in terms of their packaging or in terms of their ingredients. Numerous companies have adopted environmentally friendly packaging in terms of using recycled plastic or containers made out of natural materials such as bamboo. Brands have also come up with beauty products that feature natural and organic ingredients. If you are feeling too lazy to look up eco-friendly products, ditch the research and simply head onto Beautifully Healthy, an e-commerce platform for beauty products that had a dedicated space and category for beauty products that are eco-friendly and conscious.

4) Be conscious when you shop

Do you really need it or are you simply buying it because it’s trending? Beauty routines these days are laden with multiple products and if your routine doesn’t comprise of at least 7 beauty products, it may simply not be considered Instagram-worthy. This era of consumerism is what makes our beauty routines and lifestyle damaging to the environment. Hence, as an environmentally conscious consumer, it is upon you to be mindful of what you purchase. You may need to identify what you truly need as a part of your daily life, and what product is simply going to end up to be a one-time use. Not only are such products and purchases damaging to the environment, they are also draining on your pocket.

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